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July 27, 2015


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These experiences people have during meditation could be coming from conditioning (brain washing) from what they have been taught to expect on the so called inner journey from the teachings of Sant Mat.

"Hyperdimensional Physics 
Our leading scientists have already discovered that you create reality from a subdimensional order of things. They call it hyper-dimensional physics. It is the same thing I have been discussing and referring to as the holographic reality.
Our ancient holy men and mystics have long known about this. They were able to tap into the holographic/hyper-dimensional reality of the universe. By understanding this, they could make things appear and disappear, like magic, but it's physics. It is simply having a greater control of your reality than most humans."

"Your Brain Is a Holographic Computer
The human brain is like a piece of holographic film (plate). Each small part of your brain contains all the information you have. Your thought waves are the equivalent of a beam of laser light passing through a holographic plate. The resulting information is then projected into your consciousness and becomes reality to your perception. Not only that, but every cell in your body holographically contains the complete files of everything you have ever experienced, in full, living color and sound. And, they can be replayed."


I got this reply to Jen emailed to me by the guy who sent me the original message. Here it is:
Hello Jen ... if what you contend is true anyone who reads my inner experience will subconsciously duplicate it !

Firstly, for ego reasons, we are discouraged from disclosing inner experiences ... so have not heard it from someone else !

Secondly it wasn’t until some months after the experience ... when read in a book ... Master Sawan Singh’s description of such an event !

the general thrust of his description is similar ... but the words are different ... he describes “the bright star” ... my words are “going through the sun “

there have been other experiences ... some were cross referenced with Psychics ... have extracted these from my electronic diary

Additionally share these extracts from readings of 3 different Psychics in early 2000’s before my inner experiences : my understanding-knowing is they are accurate but deceptive !

You are an old soul, came to complete and tie off loose ends

You have a very good male friend who is always beside you, of the same soul essence, an aspect of each other,

Master is a teacher , a guide, showing people how to make their own choices

Master is a guide not God

He knows that the age of the Guru has been over for 20 years

You have a strong past life connection with Master, he has a lot of wisdom, doing a lot of good, a good teacher

The way you express your self comes from your life time with Jesus; your whole outlook comes from then, and will become more prominent in the future.

When you hear the bell (inner Shabd-life stream rings within self 24 hrs), clarity comes, you have found peace through the living Master

Being vegetarian has lightened your aura and made you more sensitive.

Your first gift is “knowing” before things happen

Your dream of seeing Master with his glasses hanging awry from one ear ; you are being challenged to not be so trusting of other peoples truth

With regards to your inner vision (during meditation) of your teacher and the doves This is was you. This indicates that you are ready to fully integrate peace between your own

masculine-feminine aspects, the balance this brings to you on a physical level.

That teacher was you ... the doves, are your own masculine and feminine aspects uniting, as truly we are genderless and very balanced.

Your dream about Master giving you a clear crystal was symbolic of the clarity coming your way… crystals symbolise clarity and healing. It is symbolic of something in your life

which needs to take form, or harden with purity when it takes shape

On evening Monday 25/3/02, during your profound out of body experience (not during meditation) you broke the seal, went up and touched the heart of the universe

Hi Brian,

From your original post, the guy who sent you the original message said "Have a private not for profit spiritual website www.spiritus.com.au. inspired-established 1999 to help seekers after Truth".

I just tried to check out his website and got this message "Your connection is not private. Attackers might be trying to steal your information from [the spiritus link mentioned above]"


Jen, thanks for the heads-up. I've deleted the link from the post, since it might be suspicious.

Hi Brian
I agree with you that a lot of carbon copy can occur
and even very honestly
Many cults use the possibilities of the brain ( better to say : one or more CHAKRAS )
and they are all impressive AND subjective

Now , . . How to react to a guy or gurl telling you
that ( for instance ) :

That she, being a schoolbus driver , then at night forgot stopping meditation for 24 hours ( let's not exaggerate )
and then the day after : hear from all the schoolchildren that she was firmly present at the wheel the other day
and nobody missed Her

I guess , it would shock you, . . explode, implode ? . . you wouldn't like placing such a letter, . . or you would place , adding this was a liar or mentally disturbed one.

Yes , life is complicated but often great & funny
So much to learn and experience

The best slogan :
"So says Nanak, the lowliest of the lowly " JapJi



Consider broadening your perspective ... it will set you free !

soul animates the physical body

physical body is manifest by low vibration sound-light (Shabd)

body simply provides physical mobility for soul

mind is the computer software

driving the computer brain

which takes input from the senses

body is a sophisticated but illusory machine

a hologram within a earth-universe hologram

this hologram switches on-off continuously

at a speed of micro seconds ... so we cannot sense it

just like a movie which comprises individual frames run at fast speed

thus we are here only half the time

where are we the other half

well we prodigal souls live within Beloved God

Beloved God lives in us

we are a microcosm of the macrocosm

a dew drop of the Ocean of Love

a spark of the ineffable flame

we are spirit ... immortal prodigal souls ... having a transitory human experience

So Yes we need a perfect Master ... he is the kindergarten – primary - high school teacher

When ready ... one then graduates to University with the inner Shabd Master

So Yes ... we need a perfect Master ... he is the kindergarten - primary - high school teacher ...

when ready ... soul graduates to University ... with the inner Shabd Master

One cannot escape from Beloved God ... for we are within him

Consider has your mind brought you on to a road of suffering

you have been initiated ... so all’s not lost ... just a temporary diversion

finally consider: is this only for those with inner eyes to see ... inner ears to hear

Our soul journey: Awareness > Awakening > Understanding > Compassion > Forgiveness > Love > Gratitude > Surrender > Detachment > Transparency > Patience > Contentment > Peace > Joy

Peace be with you in the Light of Beloved God’s Unconditional Everlasting Love: Beloved BE: www.spiritus.com.au

Hello Brian-Jen

Am now aware but NOT surprised that

negative forces are endeavoring to keep

people away from www.spiritus.com.au

strangely have had NO other reports of this per below

I just tried to check out his website and

got this message

"Your connection is not private.

Attackers might be trying to steal your

information from

[the spiritus link mentioned above]"



Hello Brian ... have requested all our readers to comment on this strange message encountered by Jen ... unanimously they have NEVER had this experience ... so ball back to you Jen !

try for yourself www.spiritus.com.au

Hi John Soulman,

Interesting that no-one else has experienced the same when accessing your site.

Who knows why? I'm not going to try again. I spoke with my internet provider and we checked and updated my security.

No problems brother. I've been a long time satsangi and experienced some glitches in the space time fabric before :) Peace and love to you.

Hi John Soulman,

People believe what they want to believe. It becomes their reality because they want to believe it so much. Sant mat is such a belief. When your parents and grandparents may have followed this teaching all their life - it takes a lot of courage to admit that they might all be deluded.

That is why the believers club together at regular meeting they call satsangs which are really just belief reinforcing meetings to make sure you get your regular dose of new stories to keep you on the path.

They all so desperately want to believe that the master will come and save them.

Now even their own master says in plain english that "No master will come at death".

He even explains why by saying that if there is only ONE - then nobody can come or go and there is nobody to come for!

Of course the satsangis have no idea what he is talking about and carry on believing.

Hello Osho

As a fellow scientist of the soul (perhaps in temporary remission like Brian)

~ Have YOU gone inside-met the inner Shabd Master ? ... suspect not !

~ When-where did YOU hear Babaji say "No master will come at death” ... if not what is your source for this ? ... suspect it is a community legend

~ Am not a intergenerational satsangi ... prior to my epiphany had only one exposure ... a book

~ You contend where there is only ONE – then nobody can come or go ... there is nobody to come for!

Consider ... are we prodigal souls an essence of the supreme Essence ... a drop of the Ocean of Love ... an emanation of Sat Purush-Father-Soul Creator ...

are we an aspect of the ONE Father that has been temporarily separated from his essence ... thus your conjecture is erroneous! ... please read my previous posting

is it YOUR mind ... an aspect of negative force Kal ... which is deceiving you ! ... do the work ... Fathers Grace will come if you are serious!

But are you serious Osho ? ... or are you an aspect of the great deceiver ... read Ocean of Love by Kabir ! .... AWAKEN to who you truly are .

Osho is a sanyassi from Raneesh, Oregon and not a Satsangi
So , he can't know a syllabe about all this.
Also he has n"t read much here

At initiation the Master comes and stays
Millions of Satsangis see This visual representation ( Dhyan ) of the Sound 24/7, and hear the Shabd
but those whose attention during life were to diverted
will, . . like any dying person : contracting consciousness , and be aware of what already was the case.

Congruently they will hear the sound loud and clear


777 and John Soulman,
You are both wrong – and could not be more wrong!
I was into sant mat at the age of 10. It was all my life was all about. I went on a personal mission to get to “Sach Khand” – and everything I am saying is from personal experience. I went to many sant mat masters and spent time with them personally. That’s a lot more than most satsangis can say.
I spent years in long meditation, saw the radiant form and had many experiences. I am not a student of Osho and have never met him. That’s just the name I sometimes use because it represents the middle ground between east and west.
Now let me address some specific questions asked by John
1. When/ where did YOU hear Babaji say “No Master will come at death”?
Well here’s the answer: I heard it first hand – not once but many times. And if you’re not hearing it then clearly you are not listening to him. I have created a video on Youtube in which I cover these points in detail – Brian had a whole series on Sant Mat 1.0 2.0 3.0
Check out the three videos I made for yourself: link to the first one here
I don’t contend there is only one – your master does! If you doubt it - ask him for yourself. He is fond of quoting Paltu Sahib: Paltu Ikoi Ikk hai Dusar Nahin Koi
“Paltu – there is only OINE – there is no other!”
777: I am not a sanyassi from Rajneesh (Aka Osho)
And I know more than a syllable about sant mat. I used to be an appointed speaker for RSSB and here is a link to an actual satsang in Birmingham UK.
I realized that RSSB is full of politics and power hungry idiots. The people at the ‘top’ were desperate to stop me from doing satsangs because I did not suck up to the people at the top. In fact my father openly challenged the family that runs the UK RSSB by accusing them of corruption and favouritism (which was true). In the days of Charan Singh, the indian sangat was not allowed to attend the English satsangs when Charan Singh visited the UK – as these were small sessions for the English sangat only. My father attended and was stopped from entering by Gurchetan Singh (the only boss at the time, his sons were just kids). My father asked why his family members and personal friends have ‘passes’ to attend? This is not seva but an abuse of his position. When he still refused to allow my father to enter – my father said – Let’s go right now and ask Master if he is aware of special passes being issued. At this he let him in. This is the real reason they did not want me doing satsangs. Not that it mattered to me – I just did them for entertainment purposes anyway. I really didn’t care if they banned me – because it did not matter to me. I wasn’t doing satsangs to get any spiritual

Hello Osho have viewed your 4 videos

~ The satsang you gave (part 1) is excellent … is there a part 2 ? … do you have a transcript please so it can be distributed

~ The 3 videos on Sant Mat Version 1 and Version 2 … you spoke well and clearly … but were perhaps disadvantaged by your visuals … is there also a transcript for these please

~ Brother you are on the right track … but perhaps it needs to be expressed in a different way

~ The points you make are valid … but am concerned about your Satangi sources understanding of what Babaji actually said … presumably there are no recordings?

~ Overall we agree … which you will see if you reread my previous posts.

Have you written to Babaji and received a reply ?

All best

Hello Brian have now had time to examine your article.

We are both Scientists of the Soul (you though may be in temporary remission) ... lets look at what you said ...

BH: I have not viewed the inner Shabd Master

JS: Am paraphrasing you from the article now Brian ... “this is YOUR experience”

BH:Demonstrable evidence of this actually happening is, charitably, slim. More accurately, I'd say, non-existent.

JS: What would you regard as demonstrable evidence of my inner experiences ... for example would you regard being verified by different psychics as demonstrable evidence ?

If so am able to provide that kind of evidence !

BH: I am an “Atheist”

JS: So what demonstrable evidence have you that God>Light>Sound>Consciousness does not exist ?

BH: By and large I agree with Sam Harris

JS: So do I ... not because I am a scientist ... but because it was published in Newsweek ! ...

the reason why the negative forces published it, and the book, is because the experience of being drawn to the light is what they want to subconsciously plant in peoples minds.

Consider is going into the light at death what draws souls back into the reincarnation-karma retention system of Universal Mind Negative Force !

all best

"Light came from Sound" ( St John )

There are myriads of phenomenae coming from The primordial Sound
That s why BabaJi said : "Stop making movies al the time
in meditation and listen, just try to listen !"

When hearing , if it be the great roaring or the tiny sweet like the bees
the bells or the flute
it cannot be subject to comparisons and rises of egos

It's really fabulous this path and the ways how ego has no chance at all
only temporarily
I m appreciating very much how BabaJi from the start
used modern ways of explanation

The former explanations were the best the people of those times could understand
and in many societies still is

Osho,. . this is really a sad story , the way your family suffered
I know only of one indian person 'claiming that he was initiated at the age of 10 ( by Sawan Singh )

In your place I would stop this mind-disturbing judgements on Gurinder
and try to hear the Holy Sound ( WITH the 5 words : against illusions )

It would give total peace and Love


John Soulman,

You say "the reason why the negative forces published it, and the book, is because the experience of being drawn to the light is what they want to subconsciously plant in peoples minds.

Consider is going into the light at death what draws souls back into the reincarnation-karma retention system of Universal Mind Negative Force !"

Interesting comment about the light at death. I have been hearing about the 'false' light which attracts people at death. Is this what you mean about drawing us back into the reincarnation-karma system of the negative power?

Osho, really enjoyed your videos :)

Yes Jen !... some tips

in Meditation beware

Dark Blue-Indigo light is Kal

Gold-yellow light is Maya


these invariably come from the left

don't be distracted ... simran simran simran

think of meditation purely as DEVOTION

have NO Expectations

with effort comes GRACE

it may takes minutes - years or a lifetime

as we all have different karma

make the decision to med once NOT daily

persistence persistence persistence

soul self is waiting to soar!

Beloved BE

I tried to listen on youtube as far as I could
I'm from France and they say here :
"C'est le ton qui fait la musique"

I hope and trust you too will hear it yourself after all these years
I think what happened is a giant act of Grace to you
May Grace continue to rain on you Sir,


John Soulman
This is part 2 of the talk I gave in Bham
As you are aware, Babaji does not allow recordings – so no, unfortunately there aren’t any. However, there were thousands of people who heard what He said on that day.
One person asked this question: “Babaji, please don’t break our heart by constantly saying to us that you will not come at the time of death”. And he added that Sawan Singh used to say that the guru who will not come at death – I give him a salaam (wave) from far away, meaning that I have nothing to do with such a guru.
This was Babaji’s reply: “Please try to understand what I am saying. If a master comes – then you are in duality. In the state of oneness – no master or anyone else can come and there is nobody to come for. Once you reach the state of oneness – you will not ask about anyone coming.”
I have also personally asked questions that he has replied to very directly. For example, I said “My God is HERE.” His reply “my God is also here” I said “No, the God of sant mat lives in Sach Khand. You have to leave the body and go through the four regions before you reach Sach khand where He (sat purush) lives.
His reply (to me), “There are no regions, that is just a way of explaining the states of realization and awareness you go through. The regions are not literal, just levels of consciousness. “
777: my family did not suffer – I simply related the story to explain the politics that run at the heart of the organisation.

As am being blocked from your latest article am posting it here !

Jen is right

but Brian you won’t listen will you

destiny karma

one learns Truth

by the seemingly easy left hand road

which merely leads one to perdition

Brian you have already had some hard lessons

consider ... are you a spiritual masochist?

regardless you cannot escape Beloved once you’ve been initiated !

just going to do it the hard way!

Beloved BE Radhasoami

I think : Brian will be fine

My and his Master showing no single trace of irritation

For many this blog is part of building on rocks
a favorite subject of Huzur Maharaji Charan Ji
and again

as Osho paraphasing confirmed above :
Heaven is a state of consciousness as hell is , and they seem to ‘materialize'
which can happen on several different levels

But the tremendous power of the original Soul
acting on that very high level as It wants creates a 'time’_’space' environment called Sach Khand ,
Called Anami or The 7th Heaven
THE REALLY EXIST, seen from below.

like the mind does / copies a much less perfect on a lower level

Soul makes any 'place' , region, the islands from Adi Granth
Soul is eternal
It does what it wants, no need to die for that;
Sant Mat learns how to 'have done' it, . . . NOT How to do it.
The difference between the One-ness of The Saints/Sound vs
is that The Saints_Sound-Combi are is so terrifically lovable that it’s easy to be bewitched,
to lose your own identity by Love


"But the tremendous power of the original Soul acting on that very high level as It wants creates a 'time’_’space' environment called Sach Khand..."

I now question the fact that having been initiated by Charan who was from the line of Masters from the original, Soami Ji, who discovered or created that 'time / space' environment called Sach Khand.

After following this path diligently for many years, now I am more into Sovereignty and am seeking my own true self, in other words merging with the One original source and my doubts now are about this region called Sach Khand, which may not really be the original and ultimate source, but some kind of spiritual region which Soami Ji merged with and/or created? Another trap? Everything is so illusory *sigh*

The original sant mat teachings are duality teachings. They propose there is an 'entity' known as 'Sat Purush' who resides in a place called 'Sach Khand'. It also states that there are four other regions on the way to Sach Khand. Each region has a 'Lord' and the password to be allowed to go beyond each region is the name of that lord.

This is a fairy tale. It is food for the mind. It is pure fantasy. Yet the followers assumed it was the truth, literally.

I once asked a question of Babaji, which was a riddle.

My question was this: "When I was younger, I thought if I meditate, I will cross the regions and meet Sat Purush and we will sit and drink tea and talk about old times. Now that I have arrived, I realize that meditation was not necessary because no 'doing' is required and I did not meet Sat Purush because he is not a person and he doesn't drink tea and there were no 'old times' to talk about because there is no time.

This is a riddle. In fact all of Sant mat is a riddle to be solved. However anyone who is seriously meditating and trying to keep the vows is on a hiding to nowhere.

Once you go beyond the duality of the teachings, you can see that there is a different truth behind them.
It is like the teachings are hinting at something subtle, like a zen koan.

A zen koan is illogical to the mind but can be solved only by going beyond the struggle of trying to solve it.

example of a koan:
There is a goose in a glass bottle. It cannot come out of the top of the bottle as it is too narrow. You are not allowed to break the bottle or kill/cut the goose. How do you get the goose out of the bottle?

I won't give the answer here - but see if you can solve it. disciples meditate for many years on it.

Your 'True Self' which you seek is not something that can be pointed to. It does not exist as a separate entity.

The ego is an illusion that there 'is' a YOU as a separate soul. The truth is that your ego was created in your childhood and so it is part of the illusion called maya.

Once in this illusion, you are trapped because you are asking about ME. There is no ME! You do not exist, so the question of "What will happen to ME after death" is nonsense because you are an illusion.

It is like a dream character asking a question in the dream: "What will happen to me once this dream is over and the dreamer awakens? Where will I go and will I be saved?"

The question is absurd because the dream character is unreal and a fiction. The dream character exists only in the dream, as a fictional character of the dreamer.

In the same way - you are a fictional character of the dreamer and this is a dream known as maya. Once you 'awaken' (and you can awaken now, no effort is needed - just an insight), you will realize that you are the dreamer. Nobody will survive the dream. There is no time and there is no space and nothing happens. All happening is within time and space. Then you see that this is all just a game and death does not exist. Only the unreal dies. This is what krishna was explaining to Arjun.

Thanks Osho, for the great reply. I am slowly unravelling my old belief system and letting it go.

Yes the old teachings have been duality teachings. What a shift in consciousness now (for me) with Babaji talking about no master coming at death and that the regions are not literal, just levels of consciousness.

Whew, no more expectations and no pressure. No more searching for my true self! It is what it is.

Just wondering.. how to shrink the goose in the bottle.. :)


(I almost typed Zen!)

A zen koan is illogical to the mind but can be solved only by going beyond the struggle of trying to solve it.

example of a koan: There is a goose in a glass bottle. It cannot come out of the top of the bottle as it is too narrow. You are not allowed to break the bottle or kill/cut the goose. How do you get the goose out of the bottle?

So - the answer.

remember the zen koan is not about logic and no amount of logic can solve the koan.

It alos cannot be explained because explanation is about logic and of the mind.

The answer comes from an Insight and an insight cannot be given - it has to come from within the disciple.

The answer is:

The goose is not inside the bottle - it just THINKS it is.

Now that is not a logical answer - but it comes from the realization that all your problems are self created. There are no problems except those you think into creation.

Once you realize that you are creating your own version of reality - you can let it go and the goose is out of the bottle because it was never inside.

Enlightenment is not about achieving or attaining to some high elevated state or to have a personal audience with God or Sat Purush. That's just what the old sant mat taught us, and we spent our whole life trying to quiet the mind, meditate and leave the body to go to the Astral region, meet the radiant form of the master and then go through all the regions to arrive at our destination of Sach Khand and we will then remain there forever.

Nice story.

The reality is that there is not ME in the first place hence nobody to liberate. What I call ME is a creation of my own mind. Of course a body was born - and there was a mind - then 'I' figured out that there was a ME here and there were OTHERS over there.

The ego got created. Now I become 'spiritual' and try to lose the ego. However, you cannot lose something you don't have in the first place.

The ego is fiction and you are trying to lose what is fictional.

That is what the zen koan is about. What you are trying to do is absurd and impossible. You cannot possibly get the goose out of the bottle because how the heck did it get there in the first place. It didn't because it's not in the bottle.

You don't need to be saved.

You cannot be saved.

Because there is no ego - it is pure fiction.

Now this can be BAD news or GOOD news depending on how you see it.

in Reality it is neither good nor bad. Because in order for the GOOD or BAD to exist you must first have a point of view and a goal, and a belief system

BAD news version:
Oh Shit! so I can't possibly be saved. Holy crap, I'm doomed. So no master or anyone can save me. I will not survive my death - that real bad news

GOOD news version:
Hey - I am free. I am enlightened. I finally made it. I solved it and I am enlightened. I realized there is no ME. What a fucking attainment - can I have my medal now?

REALITY version:
There is no separate self. There never was. So nobody is going to be reborn. You are the ONE because the ONE is all there is!
YOU cannot attain enlightenment because there is nobody there in the first place.

reminds me of another zen koan:
A tree in a forest falls, but there is nobody to witness it. What sound does it make?

Osho, you make some good points. Its nice to get to the stage of there is actually nothing to worry about, to do or to realise and just to be present. Its a really good feeling. Cheers bro.

The explanations here
are about advaita, non-duality, feel like Mr Tony Mooj
or Ramana,
trying to re-live re-vive the old Shankara Enigma as precisely mentioned
in Sar Bachan , . .
in former Yugas valuable via ascese leading to some awareness what they call enlightenment

Thes methods theoretically can unit a soul with the astral 1/7 under_deity Brahm c q Yahweh, Wodan, Zeus etc

Sant Mat uses LOVE, and nothing else
as The Ultimate Almighy Lovable wants only Love

On whatever level of compassion ( empathy is a must ) you are
each of us can connect with the sweet precious sound which is and always was
your Soul

It will make you forget all, . . I will not say : non-sense but : non-reachable
quests towards the first region ( where most will go anyway )

The Love way, by unifying , reverberating with :
-the tremendous Sound ,
( tiny in the beginning ) and
-Those who are already in It, ( The Saints ),
-and the reverberating Mantra,
all this is One and LOVE

Take this opportunity as long as it"s available in your actual form
and with the actual help

You will never understand the above Goose or Schroedingers cat
and if you do the gain is a hollow gain


Where better than here (for lack of another place)

If you plan on visiting Hostel 6 at Dera and wish to not travel alone on the train -but want to be there first when the session starts- :-):

Overnight train ticket available for the October '15 Dera session.
1st Class AC Delhi to Beas
Arrives around 5am Oct 15 at Beas Station.
The lady who was traveling with me cannot go. (I guess we request a name change for the ticket?)

Dear 777

There is a BIG difference between belief and reality. Sant mat is a belief system as is Islam and all other religions.

The followers of all religions consider their teachings to be the truth when in fact they are not.

Muslims say you MUST pray. Five times a day
Sikhs say you must recite the five scriptures daily
Sant mat followers say you must do simran and listen to the Shabd

All are mistaken
Bullah shah says I did not pray five times
Neither did I bathe in the river Ganges which Hindus say will clean your soul
Yet he says he met God (figuratively speaking)

All religions will have a problem with bullah shah's claim
Because what he says appears impossible

Kabir says that I looked for God and could it find him
Then he gives the key to finding God

He says that God came only when I went

He is saying that it is a prerequisite that I disappear before God makes an appearance

It is essential that the ego or the 'I' goes before God comes

In fact the two are synomonous

Me going is the same as God coming

So the meeting never happens

You cannot meet God because you are the barrier

Y'r right
I said here all the time : Only knowing for sure can be it.

Amazed an ex*satsangi like you descended to such a rigid B/W standpoint.

When I got my first tiny portion of bliss, I wrote a recommended letter to Beas
saying Now I found YOU, . . I don't need God anymore



You commented -
"I spent years in long meditation, saw the radiant form and had many experiences. I am not a student of Osho and have never met him. That’s just the name I sometimes use because it represents the middle ground between east and west. "

and in other threads you have mentioned that you have been initiated by several masters.

Just curious, which master's radiant form did you see?
Gurinder, Charan, Thakar, Rajinder, etc.?

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