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July 03, 2015


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Brian, DMT spirit molecule Netflix.

Terence McKenna was the foremost expositor of the profound effects of DMT. He died of brain cancer in 2000.

since this phenomenon has a physical cause, it's difficult to argue that DMT is a passport to a supernatural reality.

That's like saying, "Because I turned on the switch, the bulb lit up".

The bulb lit up because all the conditions for that event were in place, dependent only on the spark of commencement. That spark can come from any source, by any means, deliberate or random. It's like fire. Does it matter who or what ignites the pile of highly flammable material?

Elves, demons, fairies, aliens and whatever are undoubtedly mythical, but they represent what we don't yet know or understand well enough to refer to in more scientific terminology.

When you're in over your head (as on DMT), you have nothing to refer to but myth to describe the experience.

Mister X

Wow about the bulb !

There is also the fantastic pianist and the cat running on the keys :-)

Yes we have chakras, and yes like uric acid slows them
there are many ways
to make one crazy or very sick


DMT is ok but the level of consciousness goes left instead of up. Spiritual meditation takes the consciousness up, but you must make the mind still. It's infinitely better than DMT could ever dream of being.

DMT and SRSI molecules

One can very well compare as heavy hammers on the consciousness
while this needs "fingerspitzingefuehl" say nano grams

no need to proof that SRSI medications KILL all empathy

and as for DMT
a better conclusion is that these very deep in the brain placed DMT sensible neuro receptors
a function : . . . when all thinking stops.


There are 2 methods to conquer a country f.i. Iraq
Send a million soldiers and start the massacre
or a have a serious love affair with Saddam's daughter :)

As an initiate of Radha Soami Beas for 25+ years, with all those years of meditation under my belt, with "success" as it's known as in RS Meditation, a couple three years ago, DMT came across my path and I became curious. I hadn't done drugs since my early 20's and now much older, for some reason, I needed to compare my years of Meditation experiences to a DMT experience. So I read up, studied and then said, as any good scientist would do, lets do a side by side comparison. And holy shit, DMT literally blew my mind! But in the most amazing way. The visuals, the sounds, the different layers of what i believed to be of my consciousness. "I" felt there were "others" within communicating/talking to me in the shadows without showing their faces. I felt extremely peaceful. After the initial, "what the fuck am I doing" moment, it was just awe. "IT" lasted 10-15 minutes but you lost track of time and feel like you've peeled back the onion layers on your mind. After that time frame, you come back to your senses fully relaxed, calm and tho you seem to be still put together the same, you're not quite the same. For me, I felt great! Glad I did it. (Ended up doing it another time, another strain) to see again. Remember, DMT calls you, not the other way around- I get that-it's not for everyone. But for weeks prior to my first experience, I made sure I ate better/healthier, worked out more and meditated more....Side note: (partially thru the first experience, I began to do Simran (to see what happens) and then watched the colors and sound change in an instant. I'm not recommending this drug to anyone, but for me, I was very glad I could try it, especially now and not in my 20's. I do enjoy my RS meditation, but I look at it as something for pleasure and calm and not with an end goal. My view of the world has changed, but I believe it's because the eyes and intent behind the viewing has dramatically changed. I would say when comparing the two, DMT is Rocket fuel, forceful, but not straight up, where Meditation is a slower accelerator going up. Both are very peaceful, both are visual and full of their own sounds and colors. DMT is right now! Bam! Meditation is slightly slower but full of benefits also (with the correct intention). I wanted to share this to let you know, this most incredible hallucinogenic is being done by the damnedest of people out there-- the need to pull the trigger again on DMT is minimum. I've already picked up the phone and got my answer! If DMT is being considered, it needs to be honored and respected, there is much to learn from a DMT trip. Be prepared! Hope some of this made sense to someone out there!!! Peace-

James, thanks for sharing your DMT experiences. Fascinating. They sound delightful. Your inquiring state of mind and preparation for taking DMT probably aided in that. I enjoyed your "side by side" comparison of meditation and DMT. Apt analogy, the mention of Rocket Fuel. That's pretty much how I view psychedelics also.

If DMT makes known the existence of alien beings while tripping, you might want to look up how aliens are demons. Plenty of evidence for this.

DMT is right now! Bam!

Wow! Holy cow! Gee whiz!

If DMT makes known the existence of alien beings while tripping, you might want to look up how aliens are demons

Oh shit...bummer...

DMT is ok but the level of consciousness goes left instead of up


Not trying to get into any debate here. I'm only here to give a perspective of an older RS mediator's experience who has taken DMT. If one has done their RS meditation and compared it to a true/deep DMT experience, you can feel, observe very similar experiences (up to a certain point), then you will realize the fork in the road and "go with the flow". To say these aliens are in fact demons is like explaining the taste of Sugar with out ever having it or explaining Sant Mat by looking at the cover of a Sant Mat book. It's all about the experience. Not friends experience, not family experience, but your own. I can only talk on that. TO ME and my "attitude" with DMT was to just be receptive without any agenda-"THEY" (entities within), reacted to just that. That's all.To me, it's just that simple. I don't know why I had to speak again but I did. Peace to all in their spiritual endeavors.

To say that these aliens are not demons is what they want you to believe and the biggest UFOlogists have come to the exact conclusion that they are demonic entities. It has nothing to do with not experiencing some alien creature while meditating and comparing that to not tasting sugar because I have indeed seen these beings while meditating. So you ought to use your sant mat telepathic powers to know this first without assuming it.

Notice how drugs are compared to meditation. That's a big giveaway.

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