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June 26, 2015


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I wonder if Buddhists react that way because they don't believe in a 'soul'? The other religions convince themselves they will continue to exist in some form. It's easy to give away a million dollars if you think you'll be earning billions next week.

This is non-duality, as given by Shankar called Advaita

It is the workable re-unification with Jahweh c q Brahma
cq the Hindu trinity cq Indra cq Maria

One needs to practise perfect ascese often during many lifes in this Yuga
also lose in some way all attachments

Then a jeeva might be accepted at the top administrator pwer plant of the first of seven regions
according to swami Vivekananda c q Ramakrishna and many others
THEY call it the royal road and the exit chakras are the heart and the throat chakra tunnels
Those who succeed this unification , then, . . have to wait until Brahma will ascend in to ParaBrahm 2/7 heaven spree, region
Underway it's not easy to deny feelings like fear of death

There are on the web innumerable ( mostly fake ) organizations telling how to do all this mostly from scriptures and via pilgrimages , ascese and the like
You also have to sell your nice garden and house and give your possessions to the needy

The difficulty here is the fact that the Ego often is ONLY hypocritically lost
and not for real

This ( losing fear ) can only happen by non-hypocritical pure Love for the real Divine,
a Human who is already imbued completely in the 7th Heaven
called Saints
They help yo use the ascending TANGIBLE Sound current
to be impregnant 24/7
When Love is very intense there is no "time" left for ego tripping


I think you received it long ago and lost it

Probably any research of people in religious organisations will find that the majority suffer from grasping, clinging to life, egoistic tendencies. People are obviously attracted to religions that promise an afterlife and accept the disciplines of behaviour that will bring a better life in the future, which they aspire to. Satsangis are no different, a more egotistical bunch I have yet to find. They believe that the master will save them if they rigidly adhere to the principles. This is actually quite selfish. Been there, done that.

Those practising Buddhists who are fearful of becoming ‘nothing’ haven’t yet realised the pure nature of awareness and are still clinging to self, like most of us. I am more comfortable now (after 47 years initiated into Sant Mat) with the principles of Buddhism, the wonderful feeling of being in a natural state of awareness with more of a sense of love and compassion rather than just giving all my attention and love to one being, a master, who is going to save me after I die. Ludicrous.

This is a very curious line of thought. Let’s say I know for a fact (that is, I believe with cent per cent of my capacity to believe) -- either via science (the current crop of neurologists with their apparently breakthrough research along these lines, for instance), or via religious indoctrination, or some combination thereof -- that there is no self. I don’t see why that would, at all, result in my being in any way less “selfish” (in the common meaning of that term) or in any way more reconciled to death.

Taking this forward : I “am”, and that is fact (irrespective of whether “I” am simply a passing chimera), and I will one day (one day not all that distant) cease to be. Whether that thought fills me with dread, with some mild discomfort, with resignation, with indifference, or with joy : that is a function of very many things. Perhaps my belief system as regards the nature of self might be one of those very many things, but I don’t think it can be an overwhelmingly important one. Why should it, after all?

In fact, in so far as simply “knowledge” or “beliefs” can affect one’s dread of the end of one’s life, I suppose a comforting sky-daddy-waiting-with-keys-for-my-personal-luxury-villa-in-the-sky belief would likely be the most effective (even if distincly dysfunctional).

So what would help decrease that unease (or terror, as the case may be) at the prospect of dying? So much easier to ask than to answer! My own ten cents : one’s innate nature is probably the most important factor here. Which, I realize, does not answer the question.

AP wrote :
"" Perhaps my belief system as regards the nature of self . . . . """

Many times I have confirmed than to hear the sweet always growing marvelous super Sound day and night
and from time to time being drawn init , . . and really really see that YOU are the Creator and always was . . .

it's also an fantastic changement in the observation of nature including humans,
what is very stunning is How water responds to you
( I don't think this was ever told in any book or discours
it's wonderfull )
a kind of applauding , yelling even, being one with , seeing the lights and the sounds all around and in
geometric changements - it can't be explained

no need to aspire Heaven, you have it already

Believe it or not

"Even the blind will see The Path sublime" ( JapJi ) - True is that
and who want re-take,to re-have that ego, ? . . . not me
and who wants this shit , . . not me


Quote 777 :

Many times I have confirmed than to hear the sweet always growing marvelous super Sound day and night
and from time to time being drawn init , . . and really really see that YOU are the Creator and always was

Yes, 777, you have confirmed that many times. And as long as that confirmation is made in wholly -- and admittedly -- personal and subjective terms, I find such accounts fascinating and, yes, even inspiring.

I'd love to share your certainty, 777 ; but to do that I would also need to share your experiences. And how do I do that?

I suppose you'll say : "Practice". I do that. Perhaps not your specific brand, but per systems not wholly dissimilar. And the sort of certitude you bask in has eluded me thus far, eluded me by miles and miles. (Jejune though smileys are, an ends-of-mouth-hanging-down emoticon is decidedly apposite here.)

If you have anything else to say, I'm all ears! I've come across the (alleged) phenomenon of "Shaktipat", an accelerated and assisted shortcut for arduous practice ; but again, I am yet to actually directly experience it.

The writer attempts to prove a point through research but provides no statistics related to this research. The entire article is based on literary falacy and intends to promote the writer's agenda without fact. This is a type of rhetoric is generally referred to as propaganda. I have no comment on the actual issue, just stating the facts of this piece. This is poorly written.

Appreciative Reader

I commented so much here, . . a book almost

Try to fall in Love
Go see a Saint and cry? !!!!!


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