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June 01, 2015


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Brian wrote : "Scary. Super-scary. "

I know what you talk about and I wrote about it here
about the sheer blackness I experienced doing Ramacharaka 's Hatha Yoga

But Dear Brian , did you ever had that also during your 30 years
rssb practitioner ?


Hi Brian, I have been reading some of your posts since I found that one about the fear of non existence and I have to say they are pretty good. I really like almost everything you write.
But there's one thing I read in your website and I am very anxious since that. It's about a book talking about the death. Since I also have experienced some times that terrible few of non existence and as I am getting older the possibility of having something after death seems to be more and more unlikely, you are one of my great hopes of changing the way I see death and eternal non existence in order that this can not affect my life anymore. I know I can´t charge you for doing this, but do you still plan to write a book about death? You can be sure it would help a lot some people like me.
Kind Regards

Rafael, I haven't given much additional thought to writing a book about death. But I certainly can write some shorter essays about how I've come to view death. Hopefully you would find those of interest.

I've started to write monthly essays for the Spiritual Naturalistic Society. This could be a good topic for my July essay, which is due by July 16.

My general attitude is this (though naturally my attitude changes as I change and grow older). I no longer believe that I have, or am, a separate soul or self. Meaning, separate from my brain/body.

Like everything else, I am a physical entity in a physical world. I've been thrown up into existence by natural processes and laws just as everything else has.

Other beings, other animals, fear being killed, but they don't fear death. Seemingly only we humans anticipate our eventual demise and fear not-existing.

This must be because we believe that we're entitled to exist forever as a separate self or soul. But this isn't true. It is the product of the human mind's ability to imagine things that aren't real, like eternal life, heaven, and such.

I realize that these words aren't much comfort, or any comfort. Sometimes they don't even provide comfort to me. However, sometimes they do, along with a deeper experiential realization that I am nothing special -- just part of ever-changing nature, along with everything else.

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