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June 13, 2015


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I think we inherit the idea of a 'higher power' from hierarchical Christianity. It strikes a wrong note in relation to Taoism.

'In the landscape of spring there is neither high nor low,
The branches grow naturally, some long, some short.'

Schenk's essay seems a bit off-base to me.

Me too, but as a reviewer of books like this, you have to comment on them.

It's presumptuous to think in terms of an organizing principle, whether you call it God, Tao, or Whatever.

I'd say atheism is best captured by your most recent article not this one.

An atheist in the ordinary sense of the word as I understand it, does not believe in God, spirit, the Tao, the way, the flow or any other supoosed essence of nature, unless it is proven by evidence. If you believe in these things or in the natural healing power of the force of meditation or the 16 chakras, you are not an atheist. I believe every person who contributed to, or is interested in this site, is not a true arheist, at the very most they are an agnostic. An atheist is not interested in the chuch of anything or the Tao of pooh or whatever.

An atheistic is a skeptic that does not believe in the existing of something until it has been proven.

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