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June 20, 2015


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Theism is making the leap from creation to creator. Atheism is climbing back up to believer's leap and returning to reason

Question for astro-physicists :

Our Sun system being constructed from elements coming from
a supernova

A specific one Or is that several supernovas although several seems hardly possible because of distances and the fact that rarely 2 supernovas occur at the same time

But there might have been a period where only supernovas existed

Wow - Complicated thhat universe of Brian
and why are we in it ? * :)


"Wow - Complicated that universe of Brian and why are we in it ? * :)"

Perhaps only complicated to the human mind that seeks 'answers' to a perfectly simple and natural universe - hence the why question is just vanity. How is another matter which science can play with in a spirit of never-ending inquiry, fun and wonder.

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