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May 12, 2015


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I would say that 'hope' is the positive counterpart of 'fear'.

Sometimes no matter what actions are taken, it makes no difference at all, circumstances are such that you are farting against thunder.

If you abandon hope, you pretty much give up and then you are poked. It's only from hope that action follows. Fear paralyses. Look at any survival situation, it's the person who keeps fighting the odds - who simply refuses to give up hope and so keeps going.

Faith is the religious belief in something that does not exist. Hope is the recognition that life has its ups and downs and things. It's what keep the light burning in the darkest of times. Hope may be wasted but better to try than nothing at all. If you don't have hope or don't try, you don't have any chance.

But George, you've made the point of Jensen's piece.

"Fighting the odds" doesn't require hope; it requires fighting. "Refusing to give up" doesn't require hope; it requires refusing.

Jensen defined hope as longing for a future condition over which you have no agency. It is passive, not active. Taking action by fighting, refusing, or whatever doesn't involve hope. The person doing these things is acting, not hoping.

I don't hope that I can type out these concluding sentences. I just do it.

"How can we continue if we do not have hope?"

CERTAINITY is much better.

Rather unethical my first motivation in this life
was lust.
I thought, to acquire as much as possible of it
for myself each day ( and night ) would make a great lifetime

Then - when I was attracted in that strange way, I have already described, I figured out that
the more I would find and experience, the more the pain would be when this method would end :

So I really strived intensively to do this new method of repetition
day and night for the same reason : "lust" the less positive semantic of bliss.
And it worked - for me a special helpful aspect was that you do not really abandon your lifestyle - you just regulate it better being a housefather which is really exceptional in rssb.

Many if you will agree that it makes sense to strife for stability
So, instead of my first rather wild and insecure method, risky because of some ugly new karmas going with that , I changed like many others and tried this "Faith, Hope & Love" Combi
The faith & Hope was given for free by living the stories I described.
If you haven't received and are interested , . . one can pray for it , . . it works

I'm still not do the Brians forbidden preaching - It's just common sense
and it should and will work for any true 'religion'

Rather quickly and as the main factor comes the Love aspect
slowly but fanatically replacing my initial lifestyle

Why I think about Tucson while writing this

I must say
I feel like adding now a lot in words that certainly would be deleted
*the enchanting part, - so this is my take about Hope
It's good and

Love is better


Hope without action is surrender. But when action is accompanied by hope it gives impetus to that action. If I have no hope, why bother?

Yes, “Hope and fear chase each other’s tails"..

777 says: "Why I think about Tucson while writing this..
I must say I feel like adding now a lot in words that certainly would be deleted *the enchanting part"..

Yes, I miss Tucson too... don't we all need some balance from this boring down-to-earth practicality... some enchantment and mystery which lifts the spirit and brings life back into this old body... :)

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