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March 05, 2015


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'Should you be able to discriminate against people of colour? women? Jews? Muslims?"

Brian, who is the you in the above you are talking to? Without doubt it is the male as you mention women being distinctly of a different species which I find somewhat discriminatory, clearly displaying your prejudicial self.

Elizabeth, without a doubt the "you" in that passage was meant to refer to a religious business owner who feels it is his or her divine right to discriminate against some sort of person.

I have no idea why this would be taken as being discriminatory. The passage previous makes it clear who I was speaking about:
"What's next, religious zealots? How far down the slippery immoral slope do you want to slide?

Should you be able to discriminate against people of color? Women? Jews? Muslims?"

Brian: "What's next, religious zealots? How far down the slippery immoral slope do you want to slide?

Should you be able to discriminate against people of color? Women? Jews? Muslims?"

tucson: I am not a religious zealot. I am not religious at all, so maybe your comment doesn't apply to me.

However, I feel that as a private business owner, religious or not, I should be able to refuse to sell my product to anyone I so please for whatever reason whether they be gay, straight, black, white, male or female, Muslim, Christian, blue eyes, barefoot, shorter than 6'2", bald, women with less than a DD cup, etc.

It's my private business, right? In reality I don't discriminate for any of those things except women with less than a DD cup.

tucson, I realize there are arguments for taking the position that you laid out. This just happens to be against the law in Oregon (and other states, I assume). See:

The controversy began in January 2013 when the Kleins turned away Rachel Cryer and Laurel Bowman from their bakery, saying that providing a cake for their wedding would have violated their Christian beliefs against same-sex marriage.

In August 2013, the women complained to the state Bureau of Labor and Industries. The agency conducted an investigation and in January 2014 brought charges that the Kleins had unlawfully discriminated against the couple because of their sexual orientation.

Oregon law bans discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in jobs and in places that serve the public, such as restaurants and bakeries.

I think such anti-discrimination laws are just as wrong as the discrimination itself.

An exception would be businesses that provide essential/vital services like hospitals.

It is interesting that there is a congressional black caucus. Imagine the outrage if there was a congressional white caucus. Not sure this is germane to the issue at hand but the discussion made me think of this.

Societal engineering is just playing with mother nature. It throws things out of whack. Look at the med schools. My daughter's class is mostly shades of brown.. east Indians, blacks, Hispanics, Asians. She is one of only two or three Caucasoid blondes. That's why she got the scholarship (saved me $216 grand tuition. Whoopee! Why am I complaining?) They needed a honky female in there so as not to look too affirmatively active and discriminatory towards whites, but they do anyway. These days it is a disadvantage to be white, at least when it comes to med school admissions.

Rant over and I'm out.

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