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March 31, 2015


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This is a good policy, Brian, and my preachiness detector is at your service to assist in its enforcement.

Priest Brian
And ministrant x.

..now x go bwoy and bake us some chapaties

Hey, I'm no priest. Just a retired guy who has a couple of blogs, and likes to keep comment discussions on them productive.

You've got a weird idea of what being a "priest" is. Since I was Catholic for a while as a kid, I know the difference between a real priest and someone secular like me.

Maybe you think that anyone who has some rules is a "priest." If so, I guess you believe basketball and football referees are priests.

Or your IQ cannot process any joke anymore..but yeah in your case I am all that what you said.

"Just a retired guy who has a couple of blogs, and likes to keep comment discussions on them productive"

nah you failed satsangi who likes to preach

Thanks. I love compliments. Appreciate your support of me and this blog.

Deleting comments , , , , next use the ideas in new posts
That's called a plagiarist


my preachiness detector is at your service to assist in its enforcement


Okay, perhaps that single-word comment/question of mine looks brusque as well as somewhat rude. I don’t mean it as a put-down, at all, nor a challenge or anything like that. I’m actually curious. I’d love to know your answer, if you’d care to talk about it.

Why do you think that is a worthwhile way for you to spend your time?

Again, I’m passing no value judgment here. Your time is yours, to do with as you please. I’m just asking for your honest and considered answer, is all. If you wouldn’t mind a spot of introspection, and wouldn’t mind sharing this with us here.

I’ve come across many atheists (come across them online, I mean : none of my real-world atheist friends and acquaintances are anywhere near as outspoken or combative when talking to people who don’t share their non-beliefs) who are very sure that there is nothing in all this supernatural/supranormal/paranormal business (or at least, so little possibility of there being anything as to make, in practice, no real difference). And yet they often spend a great deal of time and energy reading about, discussing and debating this topic. A topic that is, to them, a barren dead end (or so they say).

As (apparent) representative on here of such folk, x : Why do you think that is?

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