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March 10, 2015


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Very nice summary..... thanks!!!

I prefer to use the term "physical" to "material" as "material" makes one think of matter as opposed to energy. I'm intrigued by electromagnetic theories of consciousness


The evidence from anesthesia research is that consciousness arises from the brain when there are large-scale brain wave interactions.

"Consciousness is a physical thing," Koch told us. "It's the brain." -

It's really amazing how so called professional scientists
insist on foolishnesses
while seeing themselves at billions of occasions that f.i.
the lonely seed of aan oak after centuries , a sequoia, , , WITHOUT THESE BILLIONS OF NEURONS
'know' how to construct such magnificent structures as an oak, a sequoia
How a simple amoebe ( wiki it ) is capable to inhabit a planet with cities and the ISS

The brain is just receiving orders from the 'dark' energy powers ( what a horrible name ) like the oak semen and the amoebe

Humans have a certain degree° of feed-back freedom

° degree depends on their mental = sometimes spiritual evolution,
meaured in levels of REAL Love


I see it like 777 in many ways. The sequoia is as conscious as we are. We are all the same, masquerading as different forms.

As time is sooooo relative
the performance of the amoebe
is greater
than what most humans come up with

Humans are bad in most things, specially IQ , . . except Love°°
Angels, deities are bad in Love but excell with 999

°°yes , , strong with hate too

Hmm... Clearly he's not addressing all the mountains of hard data among long term meditators.

That data demonstrates that all kinds of perceptions and experiences arise from turning the brain down, quieting the brain's functioning, reducing neural functioning.

All that data, decades of it, stands as proof that the brain at best is a corrolate of consciousness, and at worst, is a filter, a limiting gate that when lowered, like a door, allows a flood of experiences otherwise unatainable.

And there are centuries of anecdotal examples as well. But why go there when you can just ignore hard science in meditation?

Less brain IS more conscious awareness and focus.

Focus itself is a mechanism of turning off portions of the brain in order to perceive and experience more directly and more fully.

Consciousness, paradoxically, is not more neural activity, but less.

As for unconsciousness resulting from brain injury, I refer you to near death experiences. Those reports are detailed and vivid.

But what is the point of arguing against atheism with an atheist?

But this is how the religion of atheism works...This is how psuedo science works...by clinging to one piece of information and ignoring decades of hard research in other areas...and centuries of anecdotal reports, just like the dogmatic religionists who actually ignore whole sections of the Bible in order to defend their limited system of belief.

It's a form of prejudice, really.

Truth invites inspection, and never misleads by ignoring hard data.

So Koch actually has a solution to Chalmers' Hard Problem of qualia? Well, no. What he has done is to redefine consciousness to Easy Problem issues,..... information processing, cognition, self reference so on.

The odd thing is that you seemed to understand the HP when you were reading the Conscious mind.

"Consciousness is a physical thing," Koch told us. "It's the brain"


"In his view, consciousness is an integral aspect of the universe, like time, space, energy, matter.

Which? These are not compatible claims. Consciousness is not a fundamental aspect of the universe ACCORDING TO PHYSICS ...the physics textbooks we actually have. To reconcile these claims, he needs to reinvent physics.

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