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February 04, 2015


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I think you have just verified what I have been puzzling, worrying and otherwise fretting over since reading Jonathan Haidt's The Righteous Mind.

In a section I found worrying, Haidt talks about the role of religion as the meme through which values such as loyalty, family, and patriotism congeal. Not being religious, I was upset that people who overall share my values may not have the loyalty to family and country as do those who adhere to religious faiths.

If you imagined a continuum with rationalists on one side and evangelicals on the other, and then added the values of family, patriotism, etc. the tilt would be to the evangelical side. When you factor in community, you tilt toward the rational.

Haidt argues that the presence of faith trumps anything upon which the faith is based (maybe that is why we call it “faith”). I see this manifest in “discussions” of global warming. Existentially, to admit that we are the cause of global warming places us in an analogous situation with Oedipus upon discovering he had wed his mother.

To avoid that overwhelming sense of angst and self-loathing (and the implicit tragedy) it doesn’t matter at all what the reality is: so long as you believe something, you can then justify what it is that you are doing. I am too far on the rationalist end of the continuum to be able to get my head around those who are able to frame an entire life upon what is patently false.

You can be stupid, ignorant, and/or deluded; I could care less until that stupidity, ignorance, and delusion affect me, mine, and that which I cherish. We are seeing this play out in ways I never thought possible: abortion, vaccines, and anthropogenic global warming.

Several years back I used to write here and then just stopped it. Dear Brine.

I was initiated by Charan Singh in October 1981, how long a grain takes to sprout I still wonder. I learnt Meditation is a way of life and life goes on..............My father expired in 1996 and he laid down and breathed last. His smiling face. My expired on 24th Jan 2015. Both initiated in 1968. Both departed while medically fit.

Just wanted to share with you, Dear friend

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