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February 20, 2015


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For an interesting article suggesting our universe may show evidence of having bumped into another universe:

Multiverse Collisions May Dot the Sky
Early in cosmic history, our universe may have bumped into another — a primordial clash that could have left traces in the Big Bang’s afterglow.


Yes this is an interesting book - another is the nature of reality by Davies

The basic concept appears to be that everything changes even physical laws. This is pretty much inline with the Eastern wisdom traditions

What I'm not so sure of is the assumption that that there is only one universe.

""Meaning, theorizing that this universe is just a minuscule drop in an ocean of other universes that will forever remain unknown to us. ""

This is what many Sant Mat Beas disciples see in their lifetime and so much more

It is kind of 'killing' impressive seeing the giant energies and power of deities around and below , , , that one cannot even explain to his own mind, let alone to people,

Brian, you could have seen all that already , heard that already in tones, Have Loved the ascending result,
It's all closer than the Salem bookshop,


Thanks for writing this Brian, very interesting.

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