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February 11, 2015


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Seems very smug and selfish- those people living in their ivory towers surveying all beneath them thinking - everything is fine in my world because it is after all my very own brain that’s creating my reality and stuff everyone else out there living with terror and horror from war and disease and suffering - just ignore the ongoing destruction of the planet because I'm okay and that’s all that matters - no need to have empathy or care about others because all problems are imaginary...

Observer, did you even read this post? Or my other posts that I linked to?

Naturally there are lots of genuine problems people need to deal with.

My point is that they can do this better if they stop being concerned with imaginary problems involving imaginary things like God, sin, salvation, and the afterlife.

Okay, so I am not concerned about "God, sin, salvation, and the afterlife". But I am aware of the many problems in the world and I care for others. What is your take on this? Should I simply dissolve my concerns and live in a happy blissful state of mind? I know this sounds weird but I seem to have some kind of aversion to this because it seems so selfish.

Observer, all I can do is share my own experience. I'm deeply involved in various forms of citizen activism. I worry a lot about local, state, national, and world problems.

I've got no desire to live in a blissful always-smiling "enlightened" state. I enjoy getting outraged at outrageous stuff, then trying to do something about the problems.

I'm nowhere near as motivated or committed as many people I know. But i do my best. For me, the time and energy I no longer spend on spiritual/religious pursuits is better spent on trying to improve the world -- which I know exists (as contrasted with hypothetical spiritual realities).

Sounds good Brian, thanks for the reply. I would imagine your sphere of influence in your community work is greater than mine but anyway, I just do the best I can.

I am aware of the many problems in the world and I care for others. What is your take on this? Should I simply dissolve my concerns and live in a happy blissful state of mind?

If you "care for others", why waste your time with blogs? Go do something for the others you supposedly care for.

x What a odd comment to make to observer..Are you implying that you don't care for others?..You yourself visit this blog, besides to "help others" should one not first improve oneself and know oneself..Do you not think that by sharing and commentating the person is doing just that.

"""(1) How does one come to know God? (If God doesn't exist, this isn't a problem)""

I don't think you will place this but then take it personal

If there is no God there is no Brian either

Unbelievable is to claim a scientific approach, while editing and deleting texts
and above saying : 0*1=1


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