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January 27, 2015


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Why is a sense of self a problem? Why would anyone want to be selfless? You're human, you have a sense of yourself. It goes with the territory. Call it "ego", if you like, but why make a problem of it?

Each one of us is a self, and one is either undergoing constant change as new information is processed, or new information is unwelcome and one's self stagnates in a putrid pool of belief.

The problem isn't the sense of self, but the reluctance to change and adapt as old assumptions are upended by new realities.

Brian, I was on the same wave length as you. I watched it and loved it. Very clear and definitely worth the money which wasn't much considering how articulate Sam Harris can be.


""Well, not only through introspection. Extrospection -- diving into the world -- can do this also.
Dance. Run. Ski. Surf. Walk. Gaze. Love. ""

Spirituality on all levels is cyclic
when skilled you can enjoy all at the same time
Individuality switched on/off ; *never destroyed
always TWO to dance,


SH "We have long known that how things seem in the world can be misleading, and this is no less true of the mind itself. And yet many people have found that through sustained introspection, how things seem can be brought into closer register with how they are"

BH ".Well, not only through introspection. Extrospection -- diving into the world -- can also do this."

People tend to default to introspection, so the standard "spiritual" emphasis on introspection is perhaps intended to restore balance,

"Enlightenment" is rare. Cycling between introspection and extraspection is common, so it seems likely that something else, some synthesis, or third way is needed.


The sense of self is something that needs to be defended. Every time you felt hurt, disrespected, overlooked, insulted, that was unnecessary. Note the two meanings of "ego".

The seaparateness of self is a false belief, and false beliefs have consequences, which are usually negative,


""seems likely that something else, some synthesis, or third way is needed. - ""

That "else" is The Sound, we all have above our eyes

To be absorbed in It is to be God,


" To be absorbed in It is to be God"

Who told you that?

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