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January 12, 2015


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I support the right of people to believe what they do and say what they wish — in their pews, homes and hearts. But outside of those places? You must put up with me, just as I put up with you.

This is reasonable, but religious people believe themselves blessed, enlightened, or in some way more fortunate than reasonable people, so their relationship with unbelievers is either condescending or condemnatory.

In a secular society, believers keep their faith to themselves, join an organization of similarly afflicted people, or testify on street corners and blogs like this because reasonable people respect their right to loudly confess their irrationality and their need to publicly celebrate their delirium.

Reasonable people know that religion thrives on suppression and persecution, and withers when ridiculed, so in a secular society, freedom of speech and expression is held in higher esteem than God or any other spiritual foolishness.

God wants people to be kind ,

The whole universe is based on kindness * it is the measure of everything

Each fresh Soul is made for happiness and to receive ALL it wants, , , , repeat : ALL it desires

By the nature of time those desires cannot be given instantly * so some patience is required until arrival of the pleasures

A little % of souls don't have that patience and prefer to steal stuff before it is given

OK, in that case there s no punishment : You just have to give that stuff back (karma) :

An apple, a car, a smile, a planet, a wife, some cash, A LIFE, , , , anything

Creation just prepares to make the "give back" possible
It may be instantly * slap a guy and he slaps back; it may be somewhat longer : like 3 rebirths, , , , 5 big bangs, and time_space requirement beyond comprehension

There is an 'exit' possibility which is Love,
it multiplies exponentially in you when you give that away
so, , , like the grain*multiplying on the chessboard LOVE can undo a lot of inconveniences
It's easy to : just smile a little bit more to the guys to start with
Also for this reason the animals are around us, because there cannot be second thoughts for reasonable pure Love - with animals we hardly have an agenda by being kind,

All this has little to do with Sant Mat or religions - the present pope seems to grep this however

Gays and Pots need a lot of Love like we all do
So give it and certainly no judgements
Those who give them hate end up with hell in themselves, exponentially

It's simple

Heaven is not a time or a place, , , it's a state of mind
We can be in Heaven here and now * no religions needed

Creation is for ultimate happiness, FUN, the 'Thieves'-system too


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