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December 06, 2014


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A nice light touch to things Brain, it got me thinking fondly of Dera...It dawned on me that a lot of us here in cyber space have actually walked the same corridors, sat on the same chairs, stood at the same counter for our meals, we might even have slept in the same bed..Quite remarkable.

So if spirituality is recognizing that the separateness of the self is the illusion, fine. This is just a recognition of how reality really is. Whether this deserves to be termed "spiritual," I don't know.

The word "spiritual" is the vaguest, fuzziest, most indefinable term that believers use to identify themselves and their incoherent, preposterous beliefs, so I'm baffled as to why Harris and other atheists want to be spiritual, too.

The word "spiritual" is the vaguest, fuzziest, most indefinable term that ° ° ° ° °

That depends completely if ever , when and how sincerely profond the reader of this has been in Love c.q. had an egoless desire for Love

The Path of real Saints is a fantastic and for most people unbelievable presentation of

It "It" happened by it self
I had more but lets' leave it this way


June , You cannot command Yourself not to Love anymore
That's to much pain

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