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November 16, 2014


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Great post..Nobody seems like Everybody..I will keep that. Personally , I believe 'I' is 'Us', is everybody as per Quantum mechanics theory that is becoming so popular lately. Possibly through quantum waves and neurons we are all interacting with each other in quantum-mechanical level. During dancing, the 'I' becomes 'You' and we both and all become 'One'. Anything can be possible..

WOW Anita

That's it !

Dancing in utter amazement with The Almighty ( Shabd )

The Great stuff about it,
is that we don't have to wait
We can do it right NOW

first in meditation next where-ever you are

Collateral advantage is that you don't have to die anymore !

I Wanna be the one and only"One".

Quite Lonely Goku dear

Advaita works UNDER the third Eye , ....

for instance :
with a little bit of ascese - 10/100 lives or so, - you can unify with Brahma
and dive in a state of absorbtion with him, . . . next
wait for his own ascend with Par-Brahm ( second of seven vertical heavens )
and so on

You might read the Bardo Todol where exactly in the middle
is written :

"MOST essential is to stay concentrated
on the light at the end of the tunnel
while / with the help of / listening to the advises
gien here
concerning the innumerable seducing bodisatwas (attachments)
at the whole length of the tunnel, luring you."

next line :

THOSE SOULS DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO THESE ADVISES, because they have already merged in this light during their lifetime


Advaitas like Ramana Maharshi seem to have time enough

souls can't be destructed
the dancing, the absorption , the super bliss goes cyclic and ever grows
This is the complete explanation of genuine Sant Mat


Dear 777,
Uhhh... sorry my mind is just too dumb... I got only 40% of what you were saying... I guess you said what you did in response to a other comment I made on a other post.. right ?
Bardo Todol.. and so many words... I need to google them all...

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