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November 05, 2014


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Its Rizwig again.

Struggling very hard to keep my married life as I have a daughter 1.5 year old and my wife is RSSB since birth. She has twice attempted to create domestic violence scenes and she lied on swearing on our daughter's head in fromnt of my friends that I had hit her.

How can a person who has initiated on Guru's name tell such a big lie? I have been speechless and not only this she has started telling our common relatives that I have hit her and they have threatened me to behave with her whereas she is the one lying, abusing and violent. Even a smallest argument can take worst form.

I got her a PR, got her all the best things in life which she never even thought of and in return I am getting all this in my own home. I was based in Regina but I moved to Toronto last week to change her air and so she can come out of the old pattern and thoughts.

But truly my experience with RSSB family has been shocking and I see because they do not believe in God they have no fear of committing any sins!

I have asked my mother to join me next month so I am not under threats from her and I also wish our relationship to be normal for us and especially for the baby. Last few months have been bad and my Uncle (RSSB) who hooked us up for marriage has just changed after talking to my wife and started abusing me and threatening me just after speaking to my wife. The level of lies my inlaws are telling is in no way going to make any Guru happy.

I am just being patient and hoping things to come back to normal and have done the best Ic could do for my wife who has just been a liar from couple months.

Rizwig the family matters you have to deal by yourself not including us here on line. How can we solve this and also hearing just your side. There are two sides of the story always and you should deal that by yourself and your family. We all go through hardships. Marriage is a matter of tension and suspension but please have in mind you have a child so please both of you cool down a bit. It is between you and your wife not rssb not her or your father or uncle or any other you did not coose should interfere. If you two seek help its ok but if you did not choose no one should intterfere.
P.s. when you ask why she is like that cause shes rssb...if you are rssb it doesn't mean anything..she is human not rssb...it takes years for some people to become great yogis not just initiation. Initiation is nothing to others but conscious decision of oneself to become good person good Real yogi and clean man....so i hope it helps you and i wish you well.

P.s. i think both your wife and your uncle doesn't meditate deep enough cause deep meditation would not allow them the behaviour against anybody in negative way.peace

Ladies & Gentleman,

If I May? Is there anyone in this Church who can answer my below question?

I read in one of the Facebook groups about the Shift of Spiritual Axis from East to West. Is there anyone hiding in here who buys that argument? If there is one, you will have to come out of your hole and explain why you think there will be a shift or wait a minute, has the shift already taken place? When I raised some basic questions in that very group, I was removed from the group, but nevermind as I have this Church to voice my opinion. Come on! Who will be the first brave soul to answer?

Rumors are,.......Charan Singh's Bulldozer Chain has tightened! The Sheppard has been rumored to have drug one of his Prodical lambs back in to the Fold! Radha Swami! Skeptics take notice? Professor David Lane,
the rebellious Leader of his Radha Swami Studies Forum, which has now been turned over to James Bean, a Kirpali Desciple to moderate, who now blocks most RSSB Satsangis who say any thing positive about Gurinder or Charan Singh from posting. Meanwhile, back in Sach Khand Dera in Beas, Professor Lane has been recently spotted roaming the Dera grounds, and even sitting in Gurinder Singh's Sat Sangs with his Wife and Sons! So, if the rumor is true, and Lane and his family were not just a Dera mirage, looks like the Sheppard has retrieved one of his rebellious lambs, and drug him back to the Sheep Fold. Next, Exers should not be surprised when the Sheppard comes for YOU. I will not be surprised to hear that Brother Hines might be seen carried in to the Dera by the Sheppard bleeding like a lost lamb, while being counseled by Professor Lane, that Repentence is not as difficult as Mike Williams makes it appear! Stay tuned for Confessions of a Rebellious Lamb, who was unable to sever the Bulldozer Chain of Master Charan Singh Ji. 🙏🏻😍😇💤💤💤💤

I dont know what you are talking Jim can you elaborate a bit can you explain more.

Dera at Beas in indeed a great place, a great spiritual center which radiates spirituality all over the world. With the grace of the highest Spiritual Teacher on this planet, the Dera has progressed into becoming the finest Spiritual Center of the world. For those who have not been there or have not seen the Master, should go and see the place.


That was a great comment, very realistic, short, practical and very well put up.

@Jim Sutherland,

That's a wonderful information.
I was a little child when Charan Singh Maharaj Ji left HIS physical body and I remember attending that day at Beas. I also remember HIS always smiling face full of love and I was attached with HIM at that young age too.

As Babaji always use the latest technological advancements at Dera everywhere for the betterment of the Sangat,
I think Babaji has changed the Chain of the Bulldozer from steel to the carbon fibre which is much lighter and stronger than steel and works great and doesn't hurt at all :)

I am initiated by our beloved Babaji and it's just amazing to see how Dera is becoming such a nice place with every passing year. It's always relishing and so spiritually refreshing to even spend one day at Dera.
Every particle at Dera is vibrating and sparkling like a real diamond and much more brilliant.

I am very sure it's going to be an awesome experience for Brian whenever he will visit the Dera again after so many years. It has turned so beautiful, for me it's not possible to think of any other place in the world better than that.

As I requested earlier:
Brian, you are so open in your opinions and beliefs and you know what you believe and what you don't no matter what you attend - why don't you plan to visit the Dera just for the sake of being involved with that place for so many years and to see how it's doing now - I am very sure you will going to like that place a lot. You are a strong person and your beliefs are not going to be changed by just visiting that place.
Just like earlier and even better now, they have a very nice setup for the foreigner sangat.
There is an awesome library built up right in front of the foreigner's hostel. (a place you will like a lot :)

Lots of love.

~ One Initiated

Charan's strength will even take back Faqir Chand in his actual life.
Brian :-) we don't know . . . .
Remember he said : "My head would explode . . or implode don't remember

So there is still hope for this blog

Love you all Gurls


Thank U Surinder

People have many lives ..spritual socail personal.baba jee doesnt say you leave your social and personal life for the sake of spritual.he says take these 3 life together in your whole life span.he says be a responsible fo socity socity include your family.and connect your personal life with spritual one

Ah Jim (how's it going my brother - I received your recent email :), sorry, but it appears to me that your comment and subsequent others merely highlight the deep well of illusion many RSers appear to inhabit and the implicit cognitive dissonance that arises because of it.

Just because Dave and his wife visited Beas on their holidays, your kind of desperate & almost hysterical sounding leap to thinking Charan has "retrieved one of his rebellious lambs" is very revealing - and merely underscores (alongside subsequent delirious comments :) how delusional the RS mind-set is, imo!

And there is absolutely no chance Brian is ever going to follow/buy into all that medieval nonsense again, either! He prefers modern, trendy nonsense (materialism and atheism).

Wake up people!!

As for your experience related in private, that you hope that I may also experience in order to return me to the fold - have you not been reading my posts for the last 15+ years?! Does it not mean anything to you that I was having experiences like that on literally uncountable or even now memorable times when I was following Beas 20 years ago?

Perhaps you just haven't understood the real nature of these experiences? Consider this - if I had precisely that experience tonight, I would have forgotten about it by tomorrow morning. This is in no way hyperbole, this is just how it would be. And I wouldn't even consider it in the top 12,000 "spiritually transforming" experiences I've had in my life! I do not exaggerate on subjects or claims like this! :)

PS - James Bean is NOT a "Kirpal initiate" as far as I know, and I very much doubt he censors "RSSB Satsangis who have anything positive to say about Gurinder", I have seen absolutely no evidence of that, and I have myself participated in criticisms of Kirpal whilst putting Gugu in a contrasting positive light.

Other than that, as you were :o)

To Manjit: i never said James Bean was a Kirpal Singh Initiate. I said he was a Kirpali, meaning he was initiated by a Successor of Kirpal,. I.e. His son, Darshan Singh, as I remember. And I know he HAS blocked RSSB Initiates from posting on Lane's old site. They have TOLD me. As for Lane, he eventually will have to step up to the Plate and tell his own story, possibly here, as well as his Retirement site, if Bean doesn't censor him, in case he really did visit the Dera and now has good things to say about Babaji. His past Archieves are written all over the Internet, since 1990, so only HE can spin and undo his past negative remarks about Gurinder Singh and the Gurus. No doubt, he is not shy, and is fully capable of expressing him self clearly. If he HAS repented and is back on the Path, then, as you said in RSS, he most likely never left the Path. I have always read him as a Double Agent, since I have been reading him since the early 90s. As for your new Initiation, you are hyping in RSS, I have seen their Ads for awhile. I think they are another off shoot of RSSB, using Dr. Randolph Stones Mystic Bible as a Reference, an old RSSB Publication no longer in print, that I have the 1st Edition right after it was published. Nothing Esoterically unusual. Dr. Stone was a highly regarded RSSB Initiate, with Chicago Practice called Polerathy Theropy still in existence. Any way, Congrats. on your initiation. Let me know when you start initiating, and I'll send Gurinder Singh's Rejects to you. As for outing our PMs, I am glad I have never shared any thing highly private with you. You have a history of turning on your friends. Sad.

Quote Manjit... I was following Beas 20 years ago?

......How as i know you were never initiated thus you dont have real experience and right following. You thus dont know what happens when initiated. Just what you here from others. And you constantly repeat" rs satsangis have this or thar" there are just too much of them for you to know what they have feel or think. Have you ever doubted your exleriences? But one thing is for sure..you are very smart and intelligent.

Hi Jim – hey? Wow, I think you’ve really outdone yourself with this particular disconnect from reality brother!

James Bean? As far I understand, he is actually most connected to the Sadguru Mehi lineage of shabd yogis (incidentally, far more sophisticated than any RS lineage imo) and has no connection to Darshan?

You say you know he “HAS” blocked RSSB satsangis because they’ve told you? Who are these “satsangis” that have been blocked for being pro RSSB? Please provide names, I’ve been there for 17+ years I think I’d probably know them? Why hasn’t he blocked me for my blatant & outright criticisms of Kirpal and defence of RSSB on some topics? Sorry Jim, but I call BS on you here, and I think if you or any satsangi really believe this, then they’re quite delusional!

As for “hyping up” this “new initiation” I’ve got? Really Jim, you haven’t got a clue. I really couldn’t care less about it personally & it means absolutely nothing to me myself, and I begrudgingly merely shared new information in one single post that was extremely relevant to the group out of a no doubt mistaken sense of duty. Your game is a childish one I do not resonate with at all.

As for thinking this new group is an off-shoot of RSSB – sorry, more pure delusion brother! Absolutely no connection (or interest by them) in RSSB or indeed any other other RS group. I’ve looked into the history of the group and they have very different history totally unrelated to any RS related group. Fact. Dr Randolph Stone? Jeez Jim, pure speculative nonsense mate. No connection whatsoever.

You really do have delusions of grandeur about RSSB in the grand scheme of things as do several others here.....and it’s obvious! Speaking of which, good luck with your deeply speculative and I suspect profoundly delusional idea that Dave has “returned to the fold”....

Re. your final sentence re “outing private messages”? Really, simply sharing that I had received your email and referencing it obliquely makes you think I “outed” it and you’re glad you didn’t share anything private? Really Jim, I didn’t think you were so sensitive. I didn’t share anything specific or personal from yourself or indeed any of the numerous people I’ve communicated with privately. I have some sense of decorum.

As for turning on “friends” – ah Jim, my interest in all these discussions over the years has been the truth and nothing but the truth. And I will not turn on the truth simply to create little cliques of online “friends”. I have absolutely no interest in that whatsoever, I’m not so insecure and needy in that regard.

And boy oh boy, are these recent posts of yours seriously lacking in “truth”!

Manjit Mehi is not superior than rssb how could it be. I am in contact with them and basic is the same "meditate". But you intelectuals need the food so i am ok with you if you see the difference but it is not.

Some anonymous person wrote: "i know you were never initiate".

Yeah, probably because I've stated it explicitly many numerous times over 17+ years on several forums and in private emails (I've even had random anon emails asking me this question, which I've answered - perhaps you were one of those, who knows!), alongside many, many other explicit and detailed recollections about my time & experience following Beas 20 years ago with absolute consistency & integrity and with only one username at a time?

You, on the other hand, are who? ;) And is it fear, shame or the intention to deceive that causes you to hide behind such sock puppets?

You cannot "follow Beas" without being initiated? You cannot have "real experience" without initiation? It simply does not matter that this is in context of me replying to Jim about a recent experience he (very kindly) shared, born of decades of initiated meditation, which is descriptively indistinguishable on any level from the least powerful of the kinds of experiences I was having when I was "following" Beas?

Ah, I see what's happening here - you are functioning under the illusion & delusion that "initiation" actually means jack shit!!

Perhaps you haven't realised - ironically - that not only can you be initiated and meditate for hours for years, but you can also be chosen by Beas to teach, write and encourage others about the "truth" of this "path" - despite having absolutely no "experience" whatsoever to confirm the validity of said path? You do realise whose blog you're on, right?

You write: "And you constantly repeat" rs satsangis have this or thar" there are just too much of them for you to know what they have feel or think.".

Huh? Are you suggesting I do not know the difference between a generalisation and the specific? Can you provide one example of any such absolute claim of mine, that I have done "many" times? I do not think myself so silly. Indeed, I write qualifiers like "many RSers" as in the post above. I then refer to specific RSers, like the 3 that chimed in on Jim's post in exuberant delight. Basically, I'm hyper-alert of generalisations.

You write: "Have you ever doubted your exleriences?"

Yes. For eg., when I was having numerous visionary encounters involving Sawan, Charan & Gurinder, visions of apparent "past lives", precognitive experiences regarding Gurinder....etc etc etc. I questioned them deeply and profoundly. I learnt and realised something. Many years later, I've had many, many experiences which absolutely annihilate in power those basic level experiences; and I question even them, constantly.

But let's be honest here Anonymous, it's pretty certain you are too far out of your depth to understand what I mean here. You probably cannot even comprehend the kindergarten school of "experience" that passes for "radiant forms" and "past lives" and such. You may consider such comments as grand displays of ego, whereas I know them to be statements of near certain facts to which I have no attachment or emotional investment. I get no pleasure from understanding "inner experience", and indeed probably RS, far deeper than you. But it is what it is.

But good luck with your initiation :o)

Who said "superior" Anonymous? I said sophisticated.

It matters not you are "in touch" with them.

What matters is your capacity to appreciate sophistication. ;)

Last post for a while, I can't be playing such childish games interminably, cheerio Blessed Initiates.....please put a good word in for us sinners when in the lap of Sat Purush!

Yes i only know from rss forum what i know from you. But i think you exploded too much here. I think i didn't deserve such analytical attack on me.
And sorry my friend you missed alot about me here in this post. But who am i to convince you on that... you know me better than i know my self. I think you changed in recent years like you are not Manjit anymore many time now when you write you are in argument with somebody and you became the biggest critic now..you were gentle more before but now intense more like that guy tAo.

But afterall you are still my favorite poster. Just you dont have to analyze me that much. I can calm you down that i am not delluded. Wish you best of your life and goodbye.love


Chill man!

Why are your comments sounding so harsh and mean ?

By HIS Grandest of the Grand Kindness and Grace, I did have some amazing experiences - and I am still having it in every Babaji's satsang which I attend by HIS Amazing Grace - which of course I can not share (lame it again if you really need to) ... but a few like 777 have openly and boldly shared their top class experiences in crystal clear language - even remembering the initiation in past life by Soami Ji Maharaj.
If you are still wanting to lash out at everything and everyone and calling it delusion - sure call it - but be happy after calling it delusion :) .. big deal ? It maybe delusion for you and it may be the reason to be happy throughout the life for others ?
There can be differences in opinions, experiences and opinions about experiences, but why to have differences in hearts over them ?
You rightly said you have been communicating with Jim over private emails and after all that reading the above content from you against Jim was actually a little disturbing. Were you hurt by Jim's response ?

I remember Socrates where he calms down the fight b/w two friends when they were fighting on spiritual topic and started having differences in their hearts and eventually started hating each other because their opinions were different on the same topic.
Socrates beautifully settled the bigger problem of removing the hatred from their hearts by saying: "If there is a different answer in a mathematical problem given to both of you, will start fighting like this and fill your hearts with hatred ? or better just go back to the references and tally your answers and find out the correct one ?"

I totally agree with Socrates here that hatred in hearts is the biggest problem than to be able to agree on opinions, experiences and opinions about experiences.

Let's love each other, let's love everyone.
Life is too short to hate anyone. Let's be happy.

Whether follow RSSB or not, enjoy the life and please be happy :)

Lots of love to everyone.

Manjit indeed became different. When i first read his posts on rss ( did you have another name at beginning of rss? Manjit) i was si inspired and happy but now last year or so Manjit is constantly in some arguments and always in top position. I dont know what happened but i want old kind Manjit back.

We do change and become different. No big deal. I think some people are hurt because they were not granted initiation. They should give that away because maybe Sant Mat is a scam which hooks vulnerable people in because they think they will be saved. Ain't no-one gonna save us. Its up to each individual to find their own way. I know some satsangis have mystical experiences but how do we know that its not something their brain is creating.

My favourite theory now is that we are living in a simulation and our brains interpret our so called reality. Each individual sees the world differently according to beliefs, experiences and conditioning from birth.

Its all a game and its up to each person to be impeccable and play it well. What game is the guru playing?

Apart from theories, . . .

I heard once a song ( Randy Newman or so but I cannot find it anymore on youtube ) /
Mirror, Mirror on the wall , . . who is the fairest of us all . . .

and then after the Mirror answers :
"Is it Me, . . is it Me ?, . . .
next line
" Ooh Noo , That cannot be . . . Oh no, Oh No

Made me think Guru Nanak in JapJi
"Such sais Nanak, the lowliest of the lowly, . . sacrifice I be to Thy Oh Holy . . . "

The real path produces Love in humility .
and ( let's not forget ) SERENDIPITIES
in your life ( google that + 777 )
Things that really are impossible and just happen

As if God or the GodMan of the time ( Charan for me ) re-creates the big bang or that supernova that created the elements
with slightly a modification


And again in the middle of arguing :
wouldn't it make a tremendous haha stupid moron silly God if our IQ was able to understand one iota of His Doings

Try LOVE for a change

For all respected viewers specially Foreigner,
The line of Religion in r/o Sanatan Panth is totally different than Radha Soamis for Surat Shabad or what is guided in Holy Geeta, other Granths of Hinduism or Respected Saints Like Kabir Sahib, Respected Guru Ravi Dass ji Meera Bai, Sant Tulsi Dass Ji (Rachiyata of Ramayan), Dadu ji or Sri mad Bhagwat.

Sir do they know something about Geetaji or Srimadbhagwat ?

I never thought I'd come across a person who thinks like me. Well finally there's someone who could see this hypocrisy behind so called sevaks of radha soami. I was married into a radha soami family in 2011. I suffered 3 years of misery at the hands of these so called insensitive, immoral sevaks. My ex husband was a spineless, spoilt brat who did not earn a single penny but was totally dependant on his dad for money. His lame excuse was doing seva. His father paid him pocket money. Imagine a 27 year old taking pocket money. He had no balls really. We never did have a normal marital relationship thanks to his late night seva duties. He was never home post our marriage. His mother and sister were vicious, scheming women who tried to make my life a living hell. This pseudo spirituality talked about in this article persisted every second of my stay in that wretched place. After trying everything in my will, I gave up and finally divorced that shell of a man in 2014. This incidence scared me so much that I finally turned an atheist. I'm much happier this way. I'm blissfully married to guy who's not only ambitious in life but also has a purpose other than just waiting to retire in some god forsaken village where things are cheaper than MRP. I hate this cult and all other cults/deras. Gurujis, babajis and all these fraud men are duping lakhs of people across India.

My sister Kavita I tolerated, tolerating and will tolerate in my remaining life but could not take a dare step as taken by you. what more than it can be stated for such people. I spent my life in a fear after relation with such people. Even I can't go to a Mandir to avoid tension in house. These people make unnecessary comment without knowledge on other faith.

Why baba Gurinder Singh gives irrelevant & vulgar answers to the people during question answers sessions, such answers which are unacceptable in any cultured society, in fact it's
humiliating to the people who travel long distances and spend their hard earned money to see him and listen to him and what they really get in return. A path which they claim to be SANT MAT (path of saints) and solely promotes Spiritualism (parmarth)
It is very heart breaking for old time followers who are in their 80's, 90's and are with this path for generations,previous babas had never used such wording,terminology and double meaning comments ( cheap comedy creation)
Teachings are good but his way of answering to some questions are not acceptable especially in women's presence who see him as their spiritual guru and have an emotional bond with him.
This Path and baba ji could be in big trouble if media chooses to expose it.

From our birth to death at every moment and phase of our life we need a master. Our first master is our parents specially mother, our relatives, in school college our master is our teacher, in professional life we need an experienced master like doctor for doctor, lawyer for lawyer so on. Then how can a person be alone can find inner sight without a guru or master, janvee's complaints are totally worldly these complaints are made only on personal experience, traffic jams are part of roads and our society, they can be due to political rally or natural disasters also, the who will janvee complaint about? roads or politicians? or nature? who is responsible for these jams, if a person has a chance to learn about god by its master's way then its a good thing in life, but guru never says that you force any other to join me. my mother is a satsangi from last 24 year, she is living normal life as other ladies, she goes to temple, gurudwara, to relatives villages, other function also, she never forced me, to my father, to my elder sister or any other person to join RS religion. At the age of 36 i just realized where i am going in life and what i am earning, in last three months i am listening satsang in my pc, my life and soul has changed almost 90%, now i am more relaxed, but my normal schedule is as going as was before, no change in my routine life, i am doing my regular job(teaching and tuition work) reading books(normal ans RSSB Books), learning lot of things about normal life and spiritual life. if a religious person forces any other person to do same things, then its against any religion, some of my friends and sisters asked me about my life change, i simply said SATSANGS, they requested me to guide them, so i preferred them about audio satsangs and books. one more thing i want to share as my personal experience that if a person does not want to break the shackles of bounds of this busy and glamorous life, then not body can change that person even a master, master can only give you path to following find your real destination.

There are various paths of spirituality. The path of 'Bhakti', where we pray to a supreme God is most common amongst religions of the world. Then there is a path of Yoga through which we meditate. There is also a path of knowledge - this is to realize that we are not different from 'the one'.

I have been religious and prayed to the Gods, followed RSSB & Buddhism as well as been a seeker of the ultimate realization / consciousness . I feel immensely blessed to have been able to experience all of this and would only like to say that one must follow whichever path he/she likes and feels connected with.

A Guru is someone who shares his experience with us and seeks nothing else, it is we who create the protocols and rules.

Even when you ultimately realize that it Is indeed You - yourself - who is the one, it is ok to pray, do seva, meditate and follow rituals that make us a better being, I do.

Rada Swami is fake, thief but nothing else.

Debbie you just showed alot of knowledge it takes alot of work and learning to gain wisdom that you have.

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