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November 22, 2014


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Thank you for this post..
The Experiencer and the Experience are One..
Personally, I find this True in the journey of the Self. When I use the word Self , in my own perception I mean Awareness.. If there is no awareness there is nothing to experience.
Awareness is the container of the experience and without experience is difficult to identify Awareness. I think in our perception we identify Self with our emotions, physical appearance and our belief system. In my understanding, we are all a neuron integrated system that through our senses and physical body have the impression or perception of separation and the Self. The question is if there is a real power called Consciousness that empowers all this system and when there is nothing to experience it experiences Itself…
The "Self" which we identify as 'ME" is an ever changing process and cannot be located in any specific part of the brain. Also various pathologies of the brain change the impression, perception of the "self".
As per the definition of Enlightenment personally I define as Awakening in the journey of of Human Nature Awareness…The journey probably ends with the cessation of Awareness.

All 7 Billion humans are in disagreement of what we are. Read my latest observation, in opposition to "It all ends this time around."


The harder I try to join the It All Ends Here Crowd,....the stronger my endurance to survive grows. I agree that there is no before life, or after life, but I believe there is definitely an Eternal NOW life, that never ends.

"there is definitely an Eternal NOW life, that never ends."

--I'm down with that. How could we ever get here now if there was anything else? Conceptual time goes infinitely into the past. If that were the case, our moment to be here now would never arrive.

What we are is really are is beyond comprehension.

We exist in the past and the future RIGHT NOW.

The truth is ... we never go away.

We were never born.. and will never die.

What happens after death ?

You wake up and find yourself in a
comfortable reclining chair.

You notice your pipe in your mouth has stopped puffing.

You realize you fell asleep before Sunday dinner.

Your wife calls out supper is ready.

Your grandchildren say wake up grandapa.. wake up !

You realize it was just all a bad dream.

Just ... nothing.

You know I have been initiated by more Gurus
than probably anyone whom has ever lived.

What I have been through is completely beyond
your comprehension.

I am now ready to revel the greatest Guru
whom ever lived...luckily he is on Youtube.


That was so beautiful Mike... Thanks I'v missed you comments. June.

Was not he a freemason

Enlightenment is not the endgame.

Feel sorry for those whom have arrived.

There is something much... much deeper within you...

... can you find it ... can you find it ?

Deep.... deep... within....


Come away O human child, to the waters and the wild,.....With a fairy, Hand in hand...For the world is more full..of weeping...than you can understand.....The Stolen Child...William Butler Yeats.

Hi June, that's very nice, thanks again...
and for your other post.

I am having a very difficult time in my life.

The things I have studied are so obscure that
no one around me understands what I am talking about.

My best friend is a homeless person whom
walks up and down the river bank with a
shopping basket.

By luck, he was an initiate of Yogananda
and his father was a rocket scientist.

Often we have heated debates sitting on the river bank
at 3 AM in the morning, having
debated all night.

We switch from quantum physics to the occult
to Christianity. Other homeless are there.

The discussion of Something Else often comes
up. He is the most honest person I have
ever met.

He finds it hard to believe Something Else
is neither a noun, nor a verb.

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