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October 06, 2014


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...The "observation" of nature is thus not the observation of something external -- it is the observation of the ongoing scenario of which the observer is a part.

You, the observer, are a perceiving/recording mechanism that processes experience according to its beliefs, or lack thereof. If you hold beliefs, you interpret your experience accordingly. If you're open, inquiring, free of presumption, you question and examine your every observation.

"The goal is to flow with the everchanging waters of life, not to find a peak above them where one can stand above it all" ... and yet the painting is of someone looking down from a cliff top observing. Maybe when we are in nature its easier to merge with the flow of life. Living in a city and watching the news about the world seemingly going crazy all around you is more of a challenge.

..."observation of a dance in order to participate in it"... become the dance itself? This does mean a complete shift in our point of view. Does this happen by examining and questioning every observation? Maybe, but when the shift happens it will be involuntary, without conscious control.

...when the shift happens it will be involuntary, without conscious control.

When the shift hits the fan of your delusion, you will involuntarily fly off the handle of imaginary control and be flung face down in a pile of your presumption.

Hi Brian!

Yes, there is absolutely one "Right" answer. Always.
Here's a nifty way to think of it.
The past.
In each moment of the past, each second, there is only one thing..whatever actually happpened. Not all the alternatives imagined.
All history is a very linear path of single events each on their own inalterable thread.
The future seems so full of variability. It isn't. There will only be just one.
Now think of determinism.
If you could measure all the forces of nature, and psychology, you would see that you will do only whatever the interacting forces result in. The result is inevitable. All history proves it.
"Right" in terms of best for you, most comfortable, or else most difficult, causing you to become even more humble (is that possible? :) Depends on your point of view, right?
But there will be only one answer. And if you honor time and history as all cause and effect of one kind or another, it's the perfect outcome, however much it may screw things up for you personally.

"It was meant to be"....well, it was inevitable, if you knew all the forces involved, that's for sure.

Now, just to take one tiny step further, if all the events are inevitable results of the past, then who is to say that the future can't be known? And more interestingly, that it already was.

Just because we are living on a timeline, imagining different choices, doesn't mean our life is any different than a recording in mid-play. And that recording may have been made long ago.

if that is true, you aren't even you. You are a theater-goer watching this very determined movie play out.

Nothing spiritual about it. And yet, mystics write much the same.

It's a matter of experience, not thought or ideas.

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