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October 27, 2014


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I love your blog because it excites my reasoning and thinking beyond my cultural and theopiloshophical beliefs. Even English is my third language I will express myself in a simple way for the meaning of meaningfulness. Personally I do agree is nebulous is everybody's life and depends also in the experience and perception of our brain as well as our environment. As a physician I see that Meaningness remains good mental and physical health. Personally , meaningness I have found in people and events that project love and "stability",peace inside me. It is all relevant for each of us. It is true , a meaning comes and go as our experience expands and our beliefs change.

I will try to read more of Mr. Chapman. Thanks for the primer. Could be a delicate balance for a buddhist. My personal beliefs and own experience lead me to many of the same conclusions you shared. Life is not completely random, and meaning is probably more of a web than an individual invention. We discover some providential elements but can't bank to heavily on them. Maybe not a supreme being but the meaning of your life some times pulls you forward and is sometimes illusive.

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