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October 02, 2014


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There is no God
is the same as
everything is God

after the 35 yrs you should grep that


neither there is enlightenment or awareness
There is only Love

I were no good at English, so now I are an Engineer.

Where did you get the fine drawing. I really like it. Could be multipurpose.

Like the illusion of the sun rising and setting, the illusion of "who" persists. But the persistence of the illusion is not a problem once the mind is informed of what the illusion represents.

Everything the mind knows (consciously or unconsciously) is a representation of something real, fictitious, or fantastic, and the reasonable mind is constantly questioning its content and discarding the rubbish, that which doesn't stand up to scrutiny. The religious mind, on the other hand, makes a fetish of mental rubbish, revering it and giving it authority over all its content.

Whether we believe self or believe no existence of self , its still in the realm of belief. Neuroscience cannot answer why one person is born as beggar and the other a prince. We can talk of random chance here but even the shit is not formed by random chance.

I like this; it makes tons of sense. "Men inside of my head" is a very weird idea.
Please check my blog as well.
I need assistance from somebody like ya.

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