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October 31, 2014


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Personally, I really admire Shelby Conway for the way she expresses herself and her beliefs, and obviously for the high self esteem for her so young age.I think, many of us are born and raised with the Urge, earnest seeking of "God" , looking always for sth.beyond this physical dimension. Some of us become fanatic and follow religions or other cults for fulfillment of our subconscious mind and Earnest Seeking. Others become fanatic religious for selfish reasons , to bury their fears and insecurities and satisfying their Ego, that needs approval all the time. Our brain perception and the our environment play important role on this.It is obvious that, the more "Agnoia" we have, or more ignorant we are, the most fanatic we become.The peace comes when you understand and accept both sides,religious and atheist as part of our human awareness evolution.

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