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October 12, 2014


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"To borrow a turn of phrase I recall Alan Watts using frequently, this is akin to the difference between dancing and hiking. When dancing, you enjoy movement for its own sake. Going around in circles is just fine. When hiking, though, you want to get somewhere, usually by following a path."

That's IT ! - Great comparison.


Dancing Lessons ? :-

I see this similarly as the difference between the terms "citizen" and "denizen." Citizen to me conjures up "loyalty, allegiance, membership," whereas denizen implies simply being a part of the broader locale wherever you may be. Perhaps there's more safety and benefits to being a citizen, but it's also perhaps at the expense of the freedom a denizen may experience. Interestingly, both words contain the word "zen." I'll leave it at that.

many people do not understand the true reason of spirituality.
I did my research and did a video no it, as I believe that we have to close the gap in the misunderstanding
enjoy the video tomorrow https://youtu.be/r1P1knbkr6U

I tried to watch, but YouTube said, "This video is private."

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