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October 29, 2014


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My only wish for Brittany is that she has exhausted every potential means for healing her cancer before she ends her life. And, that may mean going way outside the box of typical orthodox medicine.

Ironic that she has chosen the date she has..1st November is All Saints Day..Also the month catholics pray for the dearly departed...My late husband passed on 31st October 2010, I had to make the decision to terminate his life support, it has bother me since,its not to be taken lightly.

I do agree that life is precious and is worth living , but not when it comes to pain and suffering. At those moments everybody would like to end this life in a peaceful way. Having the choice to end your suffering seems to be the right decision for each of us if we aware of our reality and at this case" terminal diagnosis".Unfortunately very rare or better I never saw "miracles" with these severe devastated diseases.
I have an 18 years old patient of mine with brain tumor who is struggling for 2 years now and losing any feeling , sensation of "worth living " every day , just because her parents are asking her to do so....
Personally I do respect the way of looking at life of religious people and that is admirable for them,as long as there is no expectation for every other person to see life the same way . The worst scenario in the case of terminal disease is that we lose our autonomy , independence and we have to depend on other people just for basic ,very simple functions of daily life. Life as a journey should be the choice of each of us and only then we realize our true autonomy, freedom

No matter what amount of suffering or pain or agony I suffer I wont fear a horrifying death. I cant spend my life worthlessly... if there aint any god... if I found out that He isnt there... then I am gonna create him... I will create him.. I will create the creator back in time... no matter how much concentration it takes.. no matter what it takes...

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