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September 06, 2014


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But now it is time for a dog walk and a big dose of not-thinking.

If you think you can go for a walk without thinking, with or without dog, you have another think coming. Even during sleep, thought is active, dreaming. When there's no thought, you can't possibly know.

All the thought bashing and thought transcending that gurus gush about is nonsense. The problem isn't thought itself, but not knowing how to think critically, if at all. Most people let their chosen authorities do their thinking for them instead of learning to do it for themselves.

I totaly agree with cc and must say that i still meditate but critical thinking helped me in life cause i am very emotional person. Actualy it (criticism) came from meditation But i didnt use critical thinking only to look around my self and judge others (that is too easy) i used it on myself and then you get the right and whole picture of critical thinking. ..not an easy task..peace

"... time for a dog walk and a big dose of not-thinking".

Good to balance out our busy minds, walking in nature, not thinking too much and just being.. a kind of meditation...


Excerpt: they showed a remarkable range of results, such as:

• a high level of activity in the parts of the brain that help to form positive emotions, such as: happiness, enthusiasm, joy, and self-control,

• a decreased level of activity in the parts of the brain related to negative emotions like depression, self-centeredness, and a lack of happiness or satisfaction,

• a calming of the section of the brain that acts as a trigger for fear and anger,

• the ability to reach a state of inner peace even when facing extremely disturbing circumstances, and

• an unusual capacity for empathy and attunement to emotions in other people.

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