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September 21, 2014


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It seems that the sun rises and sets because we don't perceive the earth's rotation - we experience the effect. Similarly, we experience the overall effect of consciousness (the illusion of being its conductor) and not the actual process.

But knowing this doesn't change the way consciousness experiences itself and the earth's rotation. It isn't until you actually feel the earth moving that you feel yourself slipping the bonds of personal identity, being no more than a conscious entity on a rotating planet.

cc, yes. The question is... how does one "actually feel the earth moving"? (In a non-sexual sense.)

For me, factual knowledge seems to prepare the way for experiential understanding.

Like I said, it would be difficult to ever look at a sunset and really feel that the Earth was moving without knowing intellectually that the Earth orbits the Sun.

Likewise, a solid knowledge of modern neuroscience can be the foundation for experientially having the feeling of no-self. So long as a belief in an enduring self or soul persists, it seems unlikely (but not impossible) that this feeling ever would burst into lasting awareness.

Yes, it's impossible to actually feel the rotation of the earth (http://curious.astro.cornell.edu/question.php?number=665), so one can only assume that it's moving. But it isn't enough to assume that my sense of self-as-the-center-of-consciousness is delusional. Consciousness must expose, experience, and acknowledge this delusion if it is to be free of it. Yet having persisted in this delusion for so long, the difference between experience and the experiencer is as assumed as the rotation of the earth. That is, it either can't be experienced, or the experience just hasn't occurred.

This is why enlightenment, awakening, liberation, etc., are such a big deal: realization can't occur if the mind is determined that it should. This is because the mind wants to change to what it should be, but no change can occur until the mind isn't so sure.

I asume that consiousness is between me and me or you and you.
Awakening maybe occurs when it is realized that already Is. So by letting go is not just that..it is imo a great effort to acheive that.
It is just like jazz you cannot just go and flip a solo you need countless riffs scales and chords to practice so you can be fit to improvise and be able to forget all the scales and chords And let go..peace

It is just like jazz you cannot just go and flip a solo you need countless riffs scales and chords to practice so you can be fit to improvise and be able to forget all the scales and chords And let go

This is the notion of the spiritual adept. Don't believe it. Realizing the truth about the self is not at all like learning to master a musical instrument; it's not a matter of achievement, but of observation.

You can eliminate the inner homunculus from your awareness, but you haven't eliminated the awareness from your awareness.

No-self is not nondual, because it has a dual in all-self.

"Gravity is a physical fact, a law of nature."

So gravity is a thing?

No it's not a thing you can touch, .or which has a specific location,

So it's nothing?

No, it's not nothing...you can feel it, and it makes things move..

You're confusing me now..its like there's a Thing theory of gravity,and a not-a-Thing theory of gravity, and they are somehow the same, which they obviously cant be...

It can be like jazz; and like jazz played "outside" of the harmonic structure, this truth and beauty will not be understood by many.

Experience of self & material universe is the most fundamental experience any human being can testify. We cannot circumvent experience by rationalization, it would as psychotic as a schizophrenic declaring his own world governed by his own wishful rules. There's an endeavour by Ishwar Puri formerly a rssb initiate on human awareness a non cultist approach to explore human awareness by scientific approach , the same approach we use to make innovations in material universe. There are many videos on youtube, people cutting across all faiths are appreciating his succinct scientific approach except the perfect living master rhetoric which seems absurdly contradictory to his scientific gospel.

We know God when we knoweth not. William Wordsworth. There is no duality, Neti,Neti, ( not this, not that) ONLY when there is no thought.

Problem is giving up the thought process, the figuring out, the anal-ysing, the mentating, the mind wants to know what is unknowable.

Give up, give up, give up. That simple. No need for anything. Just notice. Breathe , go into the body, see without judgement. Not easy, huh. No bloody wonder. Mr Thought wants to know. It can't be so simple. I am somebody bright. Complicate it. And so the agony perpetuates. Until unto dust thou shall return. Hah hah hah.

And yet, when the observer is truly experienced it feels like someone else outside of oneself, another self who is me and knows me better than I know this self... so many questions and they will never be answered because the mind is constant in its trickery... so, forever the question, who am I?

Like I said, it would be difficult to ever look at a sunset and really feel that the Earth was moving without knowing intellectually that the Earth orbits the Sun.

Likewise, a solid knowledge of the sweet 24/7 sweet sweet sound that You are
in the same way as you know where your hair is


This is not preaching
This is saying like "You have a mouth, . . EAT !"

Harris is misrepresenting the teachings.


What a load of bollocks

Why do you call your blog a church?

It's a non-religious "church." I was talking with some friends way back in 2004, and blurted out "There should be a Church of the Churchless." Meaning, a place for people who don't subscribe to any form of religion, yet still want to pursue answers to deep questions about life, reality, existence, the meaning of it all. When I decided to start this blog, the name appealed to me.

A duality is anything that will bare false witness to Truth. Lo, the mind is an agent of Kal (Shaytaan) and Satan's nature is to oppose the Light.

"And recall that Moses said to his people, “O my people, you have done wrong to yourselves by worshiping the calf. So repent to your Maker, and kill your egos." Koran (Itani) 2/54

Notwithstanding, a true guide/adept can shed a beacon on the Path to help slay this Leviathan.

Wisdom only comes in the absence of ideas.

The problem is that communication requires ideas.

To communicate then seems to require that one be hesitant, tentative and very careful in the presentation of ideas as wisdom indicates they need constant updating and/or culling to remain at all connected to reality.

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