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September 27, 2014


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~:) sweet!

Ah, the barber was wrestling with ascribing meaning and verbalized this. You caught this contagious dis-ease from her. A thousand times why.

This has to do with emotional peaks c q happenings
and they occur on one or more chakra levels

The maximum on the first & second chakra can be enormously impressive and any puber can tell
The higher the chakra combo involved , the intensity can be higher tpo
For instance the feel of sexual love can be higher in combo with a nice sunset or while attending a poetry evening
which affect the throat

The entering of the third eye and accumulating the lights and sounds in the crown chakra
is the purest and most intense of all
It's a kind of unbearable beauty and we can only continue staying there by using the 5 words c q using an energy from somebody who is at easy at such stage

You ( rssb disciples ) can and WILL really experience that you are the Creator Himself and then go back

This Path is so awesome.


the advantage of anonymity

during my readings of many comments here on hines
I noticed that some of rare rssb-"ex" attendants here were quite far in ascending chakra experiences during their processing
of the techniques proposed by the Masters
Some spoke of tears while working-out
but then suffered impatience or/and the ego felt abandoned

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