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August 02, 2014


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Don't pat yourself on the back too much, Blogger Brian. Living comfortably, contentedly and well has no more significance than a beggar child in Calcutta who lives for a couple of years and dies miserably of cholera.
When death occurs, there is no self to have experienced either a successful or a failed life.

You cannot win. You cannot lose. You cannot break even. This is not a game.

Christians are living a lie in what will be their one and only life. So are believers in every other religion.

Most people are more inclined to accept pretty lies than face ugly facts; to let others tell them what's true instead of finding out for themselves. Religion and propaganda exploit and exacerbate this tendency.

So what cc?
It's better to find out the "facts" for oneself, then to be led into another game of fictitious 'truth telling'...

Truth is experiencing; is what I've gathered from this blog post... in't it?

If we examine carefully , death is a necessity. This planet cannot support unlimited number of humans. Absence of death would lead to exponential growth of population in few decades & would make earth inhospitable for life.

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