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August 30, 2014


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If any mystical being comes & gives us enlightenment on a platter , Would that make us happy?? No , We would still want immortality of body over obscurity of awareness/ consciousness. After years of research & initiation by one of the masters of sant mat lineage I've come to conclusion that God/Universal spirit has same limitations like any other human being. Saints body is as mortal as any other human being. We all experience consciousness in state of wakefulness/even in sleep or dreams. Many actual proofs on reincarnation are there , Dr Ian Stevenson has done path breaking research on it. During surgeries many patients give accounts of out of body experience & tell how the doctor performed surgery including instruments he used.Many documented cases by surgeons are already there , just google it. United Nations launched human consciousness project in 2008. In quantum physics wave function collapses merely by the act of observation called observer effect.Even Albert Einstein said that there is universal spirit pervading the universe. If tomorrow scientific research proves beyond doubt the existence of consciousness after death of body , Would it change anything regarding happiness or peace in our lives ?? There are thousands of people who don't even worry about these questions of existence and those who worry about these questions would still continue to do so. Who knows ,So called God might be exploring this universe through all the life forms , fears , phobias ,seeking & rediscovering.

If ultimately there is no problem other than the human perception thereof, human perception is the problem. Therefore, a reasonable human is mindful that his/her perception is always biased, suspect, questionable, dubious.

So never forget, dear fellow human, that humanity is even more likely to become extinct than the dodo...a bird that never had a problem until humanity showed up.

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