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July 03, 2014


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...this isn't a transcendent, supernatural, or elevated type of enlightenment. Maybe more like giving up ideas about enlightenment, which enables the thing itself to shine forth in all of its non-ideational glory.

What "thing", if it's "non-ideational"? Clearly, it's an idea, but is it an actuality?

If enlightenment is anything, it's realizing how much you're willing to believe.

The funny thing is we spend so much time trying
to get rid of a self, that doesn't exist, even
before we try to get rid of it. Gurus make a fortune teaching methods to get rid of this
non existent self.

Tibetian book of the dead. They believe you watch your future parents having sex and
choose your parents based on this, before you reincarnate.

I have had enough of this crap.

Imagine the ego is a little bubble...

Suppose it bursts. Then whatever is left could say "the bubble was me...I am no more"

Or it could say..my boundary has gone...I am no longer separate from the world...so I am the world.

Both perspectives are valid, albeit partial.

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