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July 31, 2014


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Once we have taken away this preconception of the existence of mind and reality, then situations emerge clearly, as they are. There is no one to watch, no one to know anything., then situations emerge clearly, as they are.

Rubbish. The "we" that takes away "this preconception of the existence of mind and reality" is the mind desperately denying its own existence.

Gurinder Singh Dhillon has completely recovered and started giving lectures again. Is it a sign of his holiness? Perhaps he did take upon the karmas of his disciples and through personal suffering exhausted them? If it is indeed so, it is quite remarkable.

Is it really that simple?

Panchev, "quite remarkable"? That someone gets medical treatment and recovers?

Happens all the time. Don't make something common into something miraculous.


Brother Brian,

What about the man who was struck by lightning; and regained his 'eyesight, hearing, and hair growth'..?


and what about a guy who was struck by lightning 7 times (documented) and verified by doctors?


I'd like to quote the article from the link above...

"We humans yearn for order and structure, taking comfort in whatever certainties can be found in a seemingly chaotic universe. But life misbehaves. What sense can be made of its twists and turns? Did Roy Sullivan have an explanation for his epic misfortune? Why him? Can the fickle finger of fate really be that preposterously unfair?

4.15 in 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,

Seven times? That sure is some wonky karma! Haha!

Simply Tej, check out my blog post, "'Miracles' happen all the time. Mathematics demands them."


I talk about a book that explains why seemingly impossible events, like lightning striking somebody multiple times, or the same numbers coming up as a lottery winner in succession, are actually expected to occur given the laws of large numbers.

There are so many things going on in the world at every moment, 24/7, naturally unexpected things happen. This isn't a sign of anything miraculous.

Blogger Brian,

Thank you for the interesting post on The Improbability Principle. It seems like there is no such thing as a "Miracle", according to Hand's theories of law of numbers/combinations...

That said; do you have a concrete definition of what would/should constitute a "miracle"? (preferably with a specific example)

or, do you think that there is no such thing/event that would be able to define a Miracle?, and perhaps we could possibly do without the word itself (?)

Simply T, a miracle would have to be something so amazingly miraculous, so outside the possibility of being caused by known laws of nature, there is essentially no doubt about its miracle-ness.

"No doubt" means it would be a public phenomenon, observed and verified by many people on Earth.

For example: the moon being replaced by a giant cross, mandala, yin-yang symbol, or whatever. Graves opening up and dead people being resurrected, as confirmed by MRI scans and fingerprint identification. Confirmed proof of levitation. A word appearing in the heavens that's visible day and night anywhere in the world: BELIEVE

What I'm getting at is that supposed miracles we're used to are so pitiful, so questionable, we have lost sight of how obvious a genuine miracle would be -- which includes some stories in the Bible and other holy books.

For some reason all those Big Time miracles have ceased in this age of scientific instrumentation and skeptical questioning. Gosh, wonder why?

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