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April 17, 2014


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"...Thus, I have long noticed that whenever we are happy—very happy—at a particular juncture in life we may also feel a certain anxiety, a certain fear that it may end. Yet, if we are deeply depressed or extremely ill, we don't worry as much (if at all) about death or non-existence."

--I have noticed the opposite in myself, but yes, when I am doubled over with food poisoning I am not thinking about the deep questions of life. I'm too busy throwing up.


When observing the girl, holding the beer with her luscious boobs, makes me very happy.

At that moment, I don't think about death or non-existence.

I know what you mean Roger. We have seen the Light and it is more than just simple happiness. It is a powerful surging from deep within the loins while gazing at the glistening twin mounds of infinity. Death? Non-existence? Who cares? We have seen the Lord and the Lord hath come. Hallelujah!

"When observing the girl, holding the beer with her luscious boobs, makes me very happy."

I might find a girl "holding the beer with her luscious boobs" odd or amusing, but not "very happy".


LOL......a powerful surging from deep within the loins......

Shiv Dayal's gardener approves of this post.

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My prostrate biopsy was pushed back to May 12.

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