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March 22, 2014


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"Nowhere, though, will God be found. At least, not any God which isn't just another name for the laws of nature."

---They say God will not be found because God manifests by dualistic polarity, by means of subject and object, negative and positive, a splitting of Consciousness/Energy (God) into opposites, without which the conceptual universe could not be manifest.

So, God manifests as each object which appears to function as a subject. But God alone is subjectivity and all functioning is God's objectification in the world of appearance which is the Consciousness that God is.

So, God is very present being Presence itself despite its total objective absence. But as soon as God tries to see itself all it does is see its reflection. This goes on in a perpetual regression like when you look at youself in a mirror facing a mirror on the opposite wall. The image in the mirror is reflected in the mirror opposite back to the original mirror and then back to the mirror opposite and back again to the original mirror and so on infinitely.

So, God is not far to be found if we will just stop looking, since God is being here now as this Presence which is looking for itself as a thing to be found.

At least that is what some experts say. I, as this tucson thing, am totally clueless about the whole matter.

God's Presence is as I AM.......

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