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March 28, 2014


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Hi Brian. If you still have a small crack left in your mind that you have decided to close shut, you might take a look at this, for a completely different expression on just what a "Soul-self" might consist of. Take a close look, with out past bias of such ideas. You might encounter a renewal of your very own Soul-self that you have dedided does not exist. Good hunting! Cheers, Jim. http://brotherofyeshua.blogspot.com

http://beingoflight.brotherofyeshua.com. Brian, the Being of Light is the URL I tried to refer you to. Thanks. Jim

Jim Sutherland,

The text in your links is very long, detailed, involute, tiring and laborious to get through (for me). I am still not sure I have a soul even though others tell me I do. I have looked everywhere and can't find it. All I can detect is this atomic crackling that is within and without.

Can you sum up the gist of your teachings in a paragraph or two? Or not. No big deal.

They are not my teachings, so not my privilage to sum up. The Writer of the teachings is very accessable, how ever, and would no doubt, be open to answer any specific question about any spiritual doubt you might be having problems with. I just stumbled on your Soul-Self doubts post, and knowing that you have spent 30 'years RSSB surfing, and coming up short, as a fellow Charan Singh Initiate myself, I felt a desire to at least point you to another discription of just what a Soul-Self might be, and perhaps you still might be able to rediscover yours , that has not yet completely departed.
The Author of all those Web sites is Allen Chronshaw, and he lives in North Carolina. he is about 70 years young, presently, in that incarnation. His writings are not for entry level seekers, and can not be scanned or summed up in a couple of paragraphs, n easier than Radasoami Teachings are able.

One non satsangi wanted to take naam daan so when he was presented for naam daan for 1st time he was rejected.
He tried for 25 times n rejected 25 times.

When he went for 26th time he was bestowed with naam daan then he asked babaji why was he rejected for 25 times?

Guru arjan dev was made to sit on hot plate(oven) by mughals? ... babaji replied when i was made to sit on hot plate u were the one who did put 25 tablespoons of hot sand n that man started crying n fell on babaji'feet
Lords always mercy on us he never see our faults he only see our love n affection
March 29 at 9:04pm · Like

Need to know basis


Guru Arjun Dev- 5th Guru, and Babji Don Gurinder Singh Dhillon also 5th Guru, both Sikhs with the same beard. Reincarnation of a Guru again as a Guru, even after 4 centuries almighty Babaji could clearly recognize the person who put 25 spoons of hot sand, but as usual these true masters are so kind and soft hearted, and overlooking the sins of that person Babji initiated him.

Masters know past, present and future. Normally they don’t point at our sins, but sometimes out of love when the disciples insist, they just tell them about their past sins of past lives.

Does anybody knows the name and other details of that satsangi ? Thanks.

Jim Sutherland,

I agree with Tucson,

"The text in your links is very long, detailed, involute, tiring and laborious to get through (for me)."

---Jim, how do you describe, in your own words, what a "Soul-self" might consist of.
Hopefully, you will avoid any babble and gimmicky wordage.

Hi Roger and Tucson I'm finding Jim Sutherlands other link..eternaloasisofsouls.. more interesting. He goes into a lot of details about his inner experieces..For me, very refreshing to find someone that actually claims something.

Hi june,

Going into lots of detail of his inner expericences is, for me, more boring subjective conjecture. Actually "claiming something" is more of the same.

Sometimes, it is very refreshing when someone says, "I don't know."

Hi Roger and Tuscon: I don't know! At least, I don't know every thing about birth, life,death, ...then, possible reincarnation. But I DO know,.....that for those interested in studying the mysteries of that puzzle, a summary of a couple of short paragraphs will not grant any real answers to such a serious subject. All I know, is in all of my reaserch, and experiences, I am still interested enough to share what I think with a very limited audience of possible similar non-souls. If any one can sum up in a paragraph or two proving that it all end here, after our last breath departs our bodies or the last time, then, I guess Wikapedia will need to delete all but a couple of paragraphs of their conclusions offered by others, exactly like us, who speculate, but can prove nothing.

" But I DO know,.....that for those interested in studying the mysteries of that puzzle, a summary of a couple of short paragraphs will not grant any real answers to such a serious subject."

---Nothing wrong with studying the mystery of a puzzle. However, I don't see such as being anything that is serious.

"All I know, is in all of my reaserch, and experiences, I am still interested enough to share what I think with a very limited audience of possible similar non-souls."

---What you think you know could be expressed in 5 paragraphs or fewer. Not a massive lengthy document that babbles.

It is in the end all a matter of personal experience whether we have some kind of a "Higher Self", or not. The following is a cut and paste copy of an experience I had. It is connected with Sant Harjit Singh who also put the following on his own Facebook site which suggests from his POV that it was genuine phenomena.

III. A Spontaneous "Initiatory" Transmission....

Ref Esoteric Other Worlds, 2013

The blogger of this site has had a connection with the Teachings of Faqir Chand, and with one of his authorized successors, Sant Harjit Singh. The following is a brief account of one of the possible outcomes of being associaated with an advanced mystical Path.

Sometime ago, I had real-time contact called "John" on the internet who seemed to be "fascinated" in a positve manner with myself. Anyway, he was trying to find someone, or some organisation which could rid him of certain re-occuring negative psychic experiences. I suggested that if he followed Sant Harjit Singh his problem might disappear. Indeed, just talking with the latter on the phone could lead to an awareness of protective spiritual energies. I suggested to John that these "energies" could have a healing effect, and possibly help "cure" him of his negative psychic experiences.

Around this point of the internet "conversation" I became pleasantly aware of changing into a higher state of conciousness. Simultaneously, I was aware of an "energy" along my head, and shoulders. It was as if it was creating this higher state of conciousness so that it could transmit some form of indescribable "energy". This was a highly subtle, and spontaneous experience. It was totally unexpected. The energy transmitted itself from the upper right side of my physical body. Just before this experience happened I tried to resist it but this resistence totally "dissolved" itself in my mind in the most unimaginably loving, and subtle way. It totally overcame my resistence into a state af total unconditional acceptance. Thus,I felt that there was nothing wrong at all with this spontaneous "initiatory" transmission...

I explained to John what had happened via our internet contact, and he seemed impressed. But it is not clear whether he experienced anything at the other end...possibly not, but the experience was real to me. However, I told him in no uncertain terms that if he thought I was somekind of bona fide spiritual guru he was sorely mistaken. I had no official authority to initiate anyone, and instead, he should contact Sant Harjit Singh, a real Master to perhaps get a genuine initiation (which is a spontaneous energy phenomenon).

It is interesting to point somethng out. In the Teachings of Faqir Chand it is revealed that the Guru is regarded as the physical manifestation of God. However, Chand claimed that he was not all-knowing. Thus, he was unaware of the experiences of his disciples in connection with him. He believed it was their belief, and faith in him that created inner, and outer "miracles." Thus, the "Faqir Chand" experienced by the disciples in meditation notably was infact a manifestation of their Higher Self. This also implies that even imperfect "gurus" could have the same effect on disciples, and yet, turn them possibly to their own worldly advantage. Indeed, they could even give something akin to a spontaneous initiatory transmission.......irrespective of whether they were aware of it, or not..

Important (PS)

I met a man (a TM instructor) who claimed that he saw a tv programme on Swami Muktananda a long time ago. At the time, he experienced Shaktipat (ie a spontaneous "initiatory" transmission) from the televisual image of this controversial guru. He had a few days of bliss, and then claimed that Muktananda "possessed" him for awhile. He felt as if he were this guru. However, this "possession" later ended.

In my case, when I was with Dr Sharma, another guru, I had the "initiatory" experience, but ultimately pulled away from his subtle energy transmission as It seemed to become more of a projection of his lower ego trying to "control" me. I did not experience this with Sant Harjit Singh. This is an area largely unknown, and it would be very interesting to see if other people have had similiar experiences in this area.

More clarity about the Soul-Self, and if reincarnation happens.


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