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March 14, 2014


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There is a difference I should say Brian.
I mean cars and earoplanes are they alife?

When one sees little beasts like spiders and ants ,they seem really and absolute have their emotions,from within themselves.
They know fear forinstance so to see.
They are alife!
What ''makes''them and us alife.. is an other question.
Maybe God as the wind seemingly does,but that is different.(or not for you)?
The wind is outside.
The soul is inside.

Scientifically, an object is "alive" if it has the capability to reproduce itself. Certainly, Theo Jansen can build identical Strandbeests, and that could be considered reproduction. We presume that many forms of life have no awareness whatsoever, so the metaphor of reproduction is not stretched too far if we assign the word "life" to objects which we construct, and do not confine it to objects which construct themselves. This is where immaterial "concepts" into play.
We (human beings) are objects which construct themselves. We know a lot about the "how" of it. The "what" of it is fairly obvious. However, the "why" of it all eludes us. It always will.

Yes, .... nothing exist which is not alive

There is only a difference in time_space

There is only a difference in D a r s h a n !


So load the bazookaq :)


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