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March 05, 2014


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This post explains things in a way I'm better able to understand and accept.

I am the illusion of a person who exists independently of the brain that is constantly recreating I. Just as the sun seems to rise and set and revolve around the earth, the illusion I am persists whether I know I'm illusory or not.

You've traveled so far
The wind in your face
You're thinking you've found
The one special place
Where all of your dreams
Will walk out in line
And follow the course
You've made in your mind

Hey, it isn't gonna be that way
It isn't gonna be, that way

I came on my own
And felt much like you
I thought I was king
And knew what to do
But everything burned
And fell from my hand
I had to turn back
Or build a new plan

Cause it isn't gonna be that way
It isn't gonna be, that way
No, it isn't gonna be that way
It isn't gonna be, that way

If I were a god
I'd give you a clue
This minute would crack
And I could go through
And walk out in time
Where no one has been
I'd come back to you
And tell what I'd seen

Oh, but it isn't gonna be that way
It isn't gonna be, that way

You'll just have to live
And see what you find
And take it from there
And follow the signs
Yeah, you think you can live
And dream your own fate
You think you can wish
And walk through the gate

Oh, it isn't gonna be that way
It isn't gonna be that way
And n-n-n-no
It isn't gonna be that way
It isn't gonna be-ah-e, that way
Oh oh oh oh no, ooh

Steve Forbert - you can probably guess the song title

From one illusory self to another, as we capitulate to our collective cluelessness.....

Willie R, lovely beautiful song, thanks.. cc you reprise me once again, very cool quote.

oops cc befor you correct my English once again I know "reprise" means a repeat in music, I actually meant "surprize" but I think "reprise" is OK, perhaps our songlines are not so different after all.

OK but what about all the people that have been clinically brain dead but still had experiences to report?

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