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February 18, 2014


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Wonderful. I left Sant Mat many years ago after 18 years and have slowly weaved my way through 'beliefs' and 'non-belief' and arrive where you have time and again. I just returned from going to the ocean in Northern California---watching my dog run on the beach, the birds flying and the waves crashing. This is what has become my cathedral---nature and moments of beauty. thank you for helping me put words to where the wave covers the sand. I so appreciate following your thinking and reading. I am most grateful. Kathie


Nicely said. I wonder how much of a 'big deal' the way through belief and non-belief really is?

The moments of beauty and nature.....now that's where the big deal is.....

Self-consciousness, the verifiable reflection of my undeniable existence is so astonishing, that my eventual non-existence is unthinkable until I've outlived my ability to believe in immortality...or died a believer.

Players: "He went to the smoking area, where he saw Frank McKechnie standing at the edge of a noisy group, biting skin from his thumb."
The Names (about Frank Volterra): "He wore dark glasses and kept biting skin from the edge of his thumb.”

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