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February 13, 2014


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The only reason for believing in God, or anything preposterous, dubious, or fanciful, is the absence of reason. The mind that can't think things through, can't reason, can't abide uncertainty, and invariably jumps to a conclusion, then dignifies this act of desperation by calling it the "leap of faith".

"Give me one good reason to believe in God"

Er - I can't, but I'll have a go at why many people do. Is it because:-

a) they have been brought up in a culture that indoctrinates and hijacks young minds.

b) our brains evolved the need to believe as part of our survival mechanism in assessing and describing phenomenon.

c) following on from b; we have a need to feel safe and secure in an world of uncertainty so a belief in God 'fixes' the problem.

d) our survival has extended from mere physical survival to the survival of all the information that is me, my self, my mind. So important is it that my 'self' survives it 'latches on' to any supernatural straws that offer, something else other than the finality of death.

God is such an overworked and misused word. Just like spirituality, soul and even consciousness. No point even in 'believing' in the essence of what we are, can't give it a name, or even describe it. Its something to experience. Enlightenment?

Devotion moves me. I have a documentary called "Wheel of Time" made by Werner Herzog. About buddhism and Bodh Gaya, and the tree under which Buddha found enlightenment.

A monk was interviewed and he told of his journey which he travelled in 'prostrations' more than 3,000 miles from beyond the Tibetan autonomous republic. His voyage lasted over three and half years. His dialect was translated by two separate interpreters. He said along the way there was heat, hunger and thirst. Word would spread and sometimes nomads approached and gave him water and food. He didn't want to make a big fuss about this. He said he knows how big the earth is, he measured it with his body from his feet to his head. A deep serenity shone from his face in reaching Bodh Gaya and the tree (many generations from the original) under which the Buddha reached enlightenment.

Humility, love, compassion, devotion are good reasons for living. Wish I had but an ounce of those qualities that the monk had.

I love reality too much to keep on believing in God.

Good bumper sticker, Brian. It's the antidote to "God Loves You".

I suppose it is okay to love reality, so long as one is flat with the fact that such love will be forever unrequited.


Sufficient IQ
above 103, . . I would say

I gave already a total mathematical proof here
If you can't find it I will repeat it :-)

perhaps g°°gle hinessight+777+existance+god+proof or prove

will do.

I proved also that She is nice <3


Perhaps the reason people stick to religious beliefs despite all the evidence to the contrary is down to cognitive dissonance.

This is from Wikepedia:-
"Leon Festinger's theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency. When inconsistency (dissonance) is experienced, individuals largely become psychologically distressed. His basic hypotheses are listed below:-

1. "The existence of dissonance, being psychologically uncomfortable, will motivate the person to try to reduce the dissonance and achieve consonance"

2. "When dissonance is present, in addition to trying to reduce it, the person will actively avoid situations and information which would likely increase the dissonance." [1]

The importance of cognitions: The more elements that are personally valued, the greater the magnitude of the dissonant relationship will be."

It does explain the reason why creationists and the like go to such lengths to try and make scientific facts fit in with their biblical beliefs.

One Good Reason . . . . .FUN

"She only wants to have some fun"

Ok, ....... LOVE-FUN is better



Feel the love within and smile. It's a real joy. Thank the lord for giving us this human birth and allowed us to meet the Lord right here in the form of our loving SatGuru.

Religion is not Spirituality.

Spiritualism (the modern western spiritualism or Indian Pretatmawaad) is not Spirituality or Spiritual Path.

A true path becomes a religion when the path the True Master of the path has left this physical plane.

Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism they are all religions now. These paths are all done and are no more The Path. Masters left after completing their duty.
There are great things exists in all the religions in the forms of their Master's teachers in scriptures and books etc from which one can get benefits of getting an understanding about the path.

Answer to Brian's Question:

The belief of anyone's existence and capabilities comes from within and for the reason that their conscience tells them that my particular requirement is going to be fulfilled with the help of this person or thing.

If one needs to go to London from New York, he'd believe in the Pilot/Airline. It's our belief which takes us to spend thousands of dollars to buy a ticket and surrender our life in the hand of the Pilot that we "believe" in him that he knows how to fly the plane and take us to London.

Now, first, only if we know (or precisely want to go to London), we will buy the ticket, we will start believing in the airline and the pilot.

So, instead of the answer to "one reason why to believe in God", there is actually a greatest question on the top of this question.
What God will do to us if we believe in him and try to find him ?

The questions which needs answers prior to this question "one good reason to believe in God":

-> Why do we die ?
-> Why do we even take birth ?
-> What is our aim of this life ?
-> Everything happening has an aim ? ... what's the aim of a dead stone ? ... the stone really is dead ? ... why electrons in event the dead stone moves around the nucleus ? Is it only the electromagnetic and atomic theory which explains it or there's more to it ?
why so similarly many planets revolves around the Sun ?
why so similarly many physical worlds revolves around the astral region ?

(we try to find our airline online these days very easy, but what mystery that who created all, is not available online to answer these all questions.)

We are inside the flight, still have doubts about the Pilot if he knows how to take off how to land and where to head for? ..... but Pilot will never tell us about how this plane works, how he manages such a complex system... even if we ask him again and again, he'll just smile and tell us to sit and relax and he will take care of the rest.
Once we reach our destination, we will thank him and will probably cry not believing in him completely. He will again Smile :) ... he will return to take more of like us :) ... this time he might come in different uniform, he might choose different plane and he might choose different country to take the more of like us :)

Only if we do realize that we need to go on a Journey, we will believe in the Pilot and the Airline.
And our belief will turn into the trust only when we have traveled to London.
Before the trust, it's only belief which will give us enough will power to leave behind everything, get our passport right, get our ticket right, take on the flight, surrender to the One and zooooooooom.
No more revolutions. Stop. Smile. Own Forever. Merge in the One. Done.

One Initiated

Glad I don't have to 'believe' in the pilot who flew my plane, I prefer to rely on his training and qualifications and of course the science of aviation which has made flying safer and almost fool-proof over the years. after all, there is always the threat of a believer blowing up the plane

Let's feel the love inside us. How joyful it is to feel the love. Oh Lord, oh my Babaji, give me strength to happily pass these remaining years!

Simran, simran, simran, simran and simran is going to bring the love.

Sardar bahadur ji Maharaj, when they were the deciple of Bade Maharaj Ji, used to do simran/dhyaan for 2-3 seconds everytime when the start going downstairs, upstairs, getting up from bed, sitting down, getting into the vehicle, getting out of a vehicle. He beautifully exemplified his life as a perfect disciple and later served as a perfect master.

@reader: if you understand the Hindi (native language of India), you can feel the love by listening to this marvelous Satsang (by Dada Babani Saheb Ji):

I'd want to be believer of the Captain/Pilot and be grateful to him especially when in this case he himself was the one who created my passport and bought the ticket for me and also applied and passed the visa.
It'd be my arrogance even if after this all I'd not be thankful to him and won't be a believer of him.
Although, even if I won't believe in him, he'd still going to take me back because he's promised the Supreme One for bringing back all the "chosen sheep".

As mentioning earlier, the question is not "why should I believe in the Captain", in fact, it is: "what will happen if I'd believe in the Captain"

Not believing in him is going to make the flyer's journey loveless, unhappy and boring. The Captain will pity for those who are not feeling the love throughout the journey and will be happy for those who are happy. But, he promises to take back all of us.

And many other non believers (but initiated) are also there and their comments reflects how full of negativity they are currently. It sounds interesting to name this "negativity" as change of path, change of opinion etc. etc. But the question is why all of those who opted for change of path are filled up with hatred?

Nevertheless, those believers and who are living the life as guided by the Captain (as the journey can be more joyful if following the guidelines to not to consume meat/egg, stay away from alcohol.) have been graced for being able to see the radiant form of the Master even before the start of the journey and are already feeling the Joy.

Wishes to every single person out there. Love to every single person out there.

A warm hug to every single person reading this.

May Babaji shower his grace and fill everyone's heart with love and joy. May everyone gets inspired to sit and meditate at the least minimum said time. May everyone flies with a happy heart !!

Oh my Captain, my Master, my Babaji, please forgive me.

One Initiated, you really should stick to the subject of a blog post when you leave a comment. So...

What is your one good reason to believe in your God? Which, really, is your guru.

Hopefully you realize that what you wrote could have been said by a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, or a believer of any religion. You have no reason to believe in what you believe other than you strongly believe.

That's fine; it's good enough for billions of religious believers. But again...

Give me one good reason why people should accept that you know the way to God, while the believers in other religions are wrong.

"May everyone gets inspired to sit and meditate at the least minimum said time."

---Having inspiration to do the least minimum may have some important value.


I think that it would not be appropriate to call this place a Quiz Board where I (or anyone) can only give answer in the response to the question asked in the article.

I think this place you've created is better called as a Discussion Board. And if we call it a Discussion Board, I think in a healthy discussion there can always be a question in response to the question. And following that attire I genuinely asked you (and everyone who carries the same sentiment you produced in the article) that there is a pre-question to your question. i.e.

"What would you do with the God, considering if you've believed in him and that you've found him?" If we can assert the answer for this, I feel we'll get much more clarity on the question that you've asked.

I am just moving on the lines of pure scientific approach like we do when we intend to prove a Mathematical Theorem. Where we need to solve a problem and the problem can really be solved considering if this particular Theorem works and to prove this Theorem we do some assumptions (beliefs) which comes out right at the end of the proof of the Theorem. Now the thing is here, at the first place we have a realistic reason, a standing problem which we need to solve with the help of a Theorem and that's why we go to the route of assuming and proving the Theorem.
And in this discussion I am looking for that standing problem which is missing here in this article. I've called that problem as "journey from NYC to London"... for me this is the problem I want to solve, and thus the belief and so eventually the proof.

In response to your last comment:

Well, I nowhere mentioned (and I never intent to either) that this can't be accomplished by Christianity, Islam, Judaism etc. De facto, it was only this accomplishment for which there are all these religions.

Why not every single person can assert the problem of journey is because the absence of the Living Master in those religions. Anyone can say anything and everyone is open to hold a required and satisfactory opinion about a problem and it's solution.
But in my consideration (theoretically at this moment), how it'd be possible to accomplish the Journey from NYC to London if I'd try flying in Christian or Islamic plane where there isn't a living Captain anymore, although there are marvelous books written by their Captains which inspires to go to the current Living Captain. The Living Captain might be from America, Europe, India, Australia. Doesn't matter! What matter is there should be the Living Captain who can really help you to complete your Journey.

When they had the Master, they were the same as current day SantMat, precisely saying: SantMat is exact replica of every religion when that religion had the Living Master. And also from the literature of every ancient Path (now religion) it seems clear that in every single path, the Living Master faced the similar allegations, hatred, love, following... had conducted the similar Discourses... had provided the similar Naam Daan... have talked about the similar Sound Current, the Kal, the Satlok. Definitely the words and language has been different depending on the region they were born in.


I didn't completely understand your comment, could you please elaborate your expression a bit more ?

Indeed it's of real value to get inspired for anything which we want to do. Without an appropriate inspiration we won't be able to do it fine or probably there are chances we might leave that task in the middle as well.

One Initiated

One Initiated, you can take a look at the Comment Policy (link on top left of page). This isn't an open discussion site. It is my blog, where I'm OK with some off-topic commenting so long as these aren't overly preachy.

Note the title: Church of the Churchless. People who are "churched" are welcome, so long as they understand that preachiness and fundamentalism isn't tolerated for very long. Been there and done that.

Questioning and skepticism -- great. Like my question: What makes you think that a "Living Captain" of a spiritual journey is any better than a Dead Captain? You assume that there is a journey to be undertaken, and that you know what that journey consists of. What proof or evidence do you have that either is true?

Imaging One second
One Initiate is right

I guess you will cry several Mississippi rivers


Thanks One Initiated,

My point, in the statement, was
sometimes...less is more.

"Indeed it's of real value to get inspired for anything which we want to do."

---This statement of yours is very good.

"Without an appropriate inspiration we won't be able to do it fine or probably there are chances we might leave that task in the middle as well."

---This statement could cause some frustration. What exactly is an appropriate inspiration? Doing the do in a fine way is relative. And, doing something in the "middle as well" could actually be the best way of various types of ways.


Thanks for confirming.
Got your point!

ok, I think you relate it quite well, "Doing the do in a fine way is relative"
This statement is valid for many cases, but to me it sounds it's not an absolute one.
Considering the task: "Drinking some water" ... so the fine way for me might be to drink it via a Tap, for someone it can be via Bottle and for another one it can be via a Glass.
So this problem validates your statement, as the aim here to get the water inside our body.

Considering another task: "Journey from NYC to London"
Now, what could be other fine ways to complete this task instead of choosing a flight with a Living Captain in it ?
The situation which can try asserting your statement can be that there are parallel planes i.e. more than one flight available and that more than one Living Captain available.
But, even selecting other flight or other Living Captain is exactly the same way and that's a valid thing. There can really be more than one "true living master" at the same time.
So for me, for this case, your statement didn't assert. You want to elaborate here ?


Did you get chance to read this comment:

If you won't mind, would you allow me to talk to you in private messages over email ?

One Initiated

Thanks One Initiated,

Not sure what your point is, regarding the "true living master" at the same time.

In NYC and London there are thousands of true living taxi cab drivers working at the same time. So? What's the big deal?

Brian said :
"That's fine; it's good enough for billions of religious believers. But again... - "

No Brian
It's different

They don't have above their eyes the constant sweet sweet musical tone, . . .
where one can dive in , being absorbed in it when it modulates by adding the 5 words to it, . .

and yes be bewitched like crazy
not all the time but in waves 24/7

But many founding fathers :-) guys like Jesus knew
this easy method

I's easy like getting a crush on a girl
same way

There are almost a million experiencing this 'craziness'

and most cannot read !

If you knew here that you'r explaining
to Einstein that 2+8=13


[email protected]

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