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February 16, 2014


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If I say I don't believe in free will, I had to say it because I had no choice. But if I say I do believe in free will, I believe I chose to say it.

If free will is delusion and we really have no choice but to do what we do, we can't choose to realize it.

Do not confuse "choice" and "willingness". They are two separate issues.
"Will" presupposes an entity that is an effective cause for whatever happens. There is no such entity. There is only Reality, which has no stake in any point of view.

You can "choose" what you are having for dinner tonight. You can "choose" what clothes you will put on tomorrow. But there is no possible way you can "will" the choices that are apparent.

You can "choose" what you are having for dinner tonight. You can "choose" what clothes you will put on tomorrow. But there is no possible way you can "will" the choices that are apparent.

The distinction between choosing and willing, Willie, is beside the point because the question is whether I have any freedom at all.

Your point is very well taken, cc. (as always)
The whole free will/choice/freedom issue is akin to an intellectual game of Twister - it is difficult to remain coherent without becoming slightly pedantic. Sooner or later, something that one espouses proves to be contradictory in some way, and down you go. Game over. The we all play again!

Free will, choice and freedom are going to be relative in mind. So, could there be a relative free will? What exactly is the proper definition of free will? I can see how a free will definition could be different from a freedom of choice. This is a fascinating topic.

One thing to consider is a computer program where you give characters inside the program (video game) the ability to reprogram the video game themselves. Do they have free will then? Or are they just given even a bigger illusion of free will since the computer is still predetermined in our universe to try and give them free will even though it is just an illusion? The closest thing to free will you will get is living inside a simulation where you can reprogram the simulation yourself.

Even if this is still just an illusion of free will, it's a better illusion than our free will that we have right now in this universe. So imagine for example in Grand Theft Auto you give the main character the ability to reprogram the game inside the game. He can create his own cities and physics laws. He can change the laws of his nature. He can change the speed of light or the affects of gravity.

This is maybe a really good illusion of total free will even though it may still be a simulation inside a universe that has no free will. Is it possible to simulate or create free will inside a simulation that is part of a universe that has no free will? This is a recursive complex question which probably ends up with some sort of pseudo scientific answer such as "it's partial illusionary free will, not true free will."

Also if free will is not falisfiable then you cannot even discuss the subject scientifically. Also look up Laynes Law because people keep changing the definition of free will and play mind games that way.

Imaging Yourself as real and all other molecules around
you as illusion, practical for your stay
on the planet
For a lot of reasons

Imaging this was all arranged by aliens on a Alpha Centauri spaceship
These guys are much further in science than humanity ever will

They made the holodeck and placed you in it !

Each child? . star trek lover can imaging that without any restriction

So why can't You imaging a much more powerfull force to apply/construct : You
and for a very good reason


They are very welcome to The Grand Doer which is YOU, you ignoramus who lost all free will.

From all sides comes help to do away with this ego : the source of your misery but you want to enforce it

You can act but you prefer the long uncertain future
You even can see your former lives but you prefer books and books

So we have free will
and not at all at the same time


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