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February 09, 2014


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Picard's patients reported feelings of certainty – the sense that all is right with the world – which would seem to fit with a theory that the anterior insula is involved in predicting the way the body is going to feel in the next instant. Those predictions are then compared with actual sensations, generating a "prediction error" signal that might help to determine how we react to a changing environment. If the prediction error is small, we feel good, if it is large we feel anxious.

If it's nonexistent, voila, enlightenment.

It might be the inverse

Epilepsy being a kind of "going in" in one of the chakras by any cause,

but not able to handle the resulting energies.

Therefore it might be of such importance to have the body numb first in RSSB's method



Ecstatic feelings can be caused by the disappearance of religious belief and the behavioral burden such beliefs can place upon you.

When I quit my religion, Sant Mat(RSSB), after decades of participation, I felt great. Big monkey off my back. I was free of the burden and confines of conditioned, relative belief into the infinite realm of the unknown and unknowable.

That's another ecstatic

The subject is the intense delirious ecstatic - :)



May the intense delirium of ecstacy be yours forever even if it is just a state. Could Truth lie beyond such states? Maybe it is both a state and non-state? Sort of beyond the concept of either. Which may sound like oblivion but it could also be undifferentiated infinitude radiating endlessly in non-ecstatic ecstacy in an eternal timeless moment.

Thanks Tucson

It is a little bit mundane to speak about 'delirious'
but THAT is what it is.

Like using the term ' orgasm '

I said before
it is not constant but its an up and down ruthm on a rising spiral

The downs can be go lower than the f i 3 lower etapes/spiral circles
and the UP's are better/ higher all the time.

Although our whole life and more ( Dharma ) is involved , meditation can as nothing else enforce the process

It is just the reason why we exist or better why God exists in so many forms
She is just busy to accumulate compassion and Love

We are what She is.

Therefore these 7 heavens or 5 regions
they are a state of consciousness and when that state is almost equal with another Jeeva (Soul+Ego)
we create together such a delightful region

Ther regions also definitely are an indication of pureness

While Charan Singh was an physical expression of Love but also Might, like a King
the present Sat Guru expresses tremendous pureness

I cannot believe almost that intense blanc radiation when seeing Him better.

These are all creations, I mean : We create that, c q God creates that
a giant carnival/circus of joy on the way upstream

It's also so clear that it will never end
and as we ascend you recognize master who harmonize with us, -certainly Masters we knew in the past-
all in harmony of our own 'sentiments'
to use that word only because it is clear

You know that I am almost 80, . . i talk about my own experiences
No words can express the beauty of the RSSB method of sweet sound & light

When you have a peak in meditation
but also just everywhere
you can live in joy for months on that

Most who experience all that have their mouth shut
It's better, . . but I will have to reborn
to do some finishing touches



I'm 31, almost 32 and have been having grand mal seizures since I was about 17. Let me tell you, it sucks. I can usually tell when one is about to come. I become foggy and unable to concentrate. My hands and feet become real cold but sweaty. My stomach hurts and I feel nauseous but can't throw up. I become extremely uncomfortable and fidgety. All of those feelings happen for about an hour or so before hand. It's not the best experience. Even if take more medication when I feel one coming I'll have one. ----- At some point I gain consciousness after I don't know how long with the worst headache and no memory whatsoever of what happened prior or minutes after an episode. Occasionally I'll bite my tongue or cheek. I've tried almost every kind of epileptic medication and I still have breakthroughs. My long term memory is slowly deteriorating. There is nothing I can do except to spread love, pay it forward, and enjoy life while I am still able to. I am content and have accepted my future. When you notice someone having a seizure or about to have a seizure, try to put something soft under their head and stand back. Don't hold them down. They will eventually snap out of it. that was how a friend ask me to email aishatheorginal for help , iam free now if you have lost hope now there is hope EMAIL . aishatheorginal for your help or call +2348148345303 there is hope now friend

I was just diagnosed with Temporal lobe epilepsy, with emphasis on "ecstatic seizures" , I paint during these states which I thought were spiritual since my paintings are of a spiritual nature and atleast consciously I do not plan or direct myself for an outcome...


This is really scary in a way. I have ups and downs and also paint when I am on a high. Abstract not realism.

777 you say "It is just the reason why we exist or better why God exists in so many forms She is just busy to accumulate compassion and Love".

For me it seems the opposite. There is not much love and compassion in this world only much suffering. I suppose it depends on what each person focuses on. Having too much compassion or empathy just brings one down. I often wonder if there are some kind of beings feeding off the energy of suffering. Robert Monroe spoke of 'Loosh'. His OBE's led him to the understanding that the earth world is a farm, set up for the sole purpose of harvesting the energy of fear and suffering from living creatures.

Quote from Robert Monroe-Far Journeys.

‘From experience, the Collectors have evolved an entire technology with complimentary tools for the harvesting of the Loosh from the Type 4M units. The most common have been named love, friendship, family,greed, hate, pain, guilt, disease, pride, ambition, ownership, possession, sacrifice–and on a larger scale, nations, provincialism, wars, famine, religion, machines, freedom, industry, trade, to list just a few. Loosh production is higher than ever before…


The great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky of the 19 th century expresses this feeling in a character in his book "The Idiot". The protagonist character Prince Lyov Nikolaevich Myshkin, poor and only nobleman by lineage, talks about these moments of pre epileptic fit ecstacy to feel so good that "the moment was worth a lifetime.


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