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February 07, 2014


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I know I have no free will, therefore I am free to know what is not true.

As the 'self' is a brain created construct and not an actual entity, such a construct comprised of abstract mental information could not generate free will.

Barash's peculiar turn of phrase "terrifyingly free" belies the unsettled issue of what, exactly, constitutes "will" as pertains to the expenditure of effort.
The ego claims that is an effective agent, but all you have to do is try and consider who or what you would have been if you had made other major decisions (marriage, education, living quarters, etc) than the ones you made. Hindsight being 20/20, you will discover that you were compelled to make the choices that you actually made.

The devil made me do it.

It's fine, very!to realise the having of no'' free will''.
Very freeing I feel..
I always felt it that way ,the freeing not to have ultimate free will.
Thank you Brian, to talk about that point!
There is no guilt no judge no fear etc in that..just be..


If the universe is purely deterministic then there is no free will, but if its indeterministic (QM) then there is the possibility of free will. Also, the laws of nature in the causal sense, cannot and do not explain how the universe came into being - how did something come from nothing?

The term 'free will' is misleading. What is free about will? What we will is what we want, but unlike other animals we have a greater ability to override our more basic or more instinctual natures. Its just a higher state of consciousness which means a broader range of choices. Yes we have free will, compared to an oraguntang. As a human being, you have choice to override not only your wants but your basic needs. Humans can and do choose to starve themself - overcoming the most basic will in nature to eat and survive. No other animal in nature does this.

So we have choice or more choices. Mostly we choose what we want, sometimes we make choices which override what we want and sometimes we have no choice (as determined by external factors).

Thank you for this review. I'm a Buddhist enthusiast myself and this is the first review that articulates my critique of the hocus-pocus of "scientific Buddhism" (strangely always colored by the writer's pet philosophy).

If you into the meaning of human existence, then check out this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Meaning-Human-Existence-Edward-Wilson/dp/0871401002

If you into the meaning of life, then check out this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJUhlRoBL8M

""So we humans don't have an independent nature, or self. We are constantly changing, as is everything else.""


Free will exists as a relation to the knowledge about ourself

That is how a Saint easily can modify Big Bang c q Supernova , c q WWI , . . ( anything ) to have a slightly different outcome * , to please a loving disciple

That is how an IQ obsessed jeeva became completely powerless and has no choice at all, not even about his next breath


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