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February 27, 2014


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So what happens when the "awesome" disappears? In my estimation, "awesome" is an extremely transitory mental state afforded only to privileged brains - brains that are not otherwise occupied with the savage business of survival.
Existence does not have any detectable significance - which is not to say that there is some sort of significance that abides without the recognition of homo sapiens.
That's what I call "awesome".

I'm in awe of the power of religious notions to make idiots of people who might have otherwise learned how to think.

To my lights, it all depends on what one means by "atheism". In my experience, folks who refer to themselves as "atheists" tend to be, more often than not, just your garden variety materialist.

When materialists talk about "awe", what are they really talking about? After all, isn't the materialist all about the "deflationary" account of things?

To my way of being Awesomeness has nothing to do with thinking...It comes straight from the heart...Just look at children, for them everything is still exciting, they don't question...They just delight in their beingness...That for me is Awesome.


I walked on the beach and heard a noise

Looked around and theree was suddenly NY, NY

Who did that ?

I proved already that we donot exist
but also exist

We cannot go out of the heat of the kitchen (chaurasi)

So better try whatever is offered
to save your butt !



Just look at children, for them everything is still exciting, they don't question

Au contraire. It's the adults who don't question and the children who do.

I agree with Cc children question everything and still stay exited



I find no evidence of anything that would go through chaurasi except for a concept that dissipates at death with the atomic amalgamation that generates it. This just dissolves into infinite "spirit". As that spirit, all is contained. "I" am Cleopatra, Napoleon, Muhamad Ali, Zippy the Labradoodle, 777 and no one in particular at all.

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