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January 10, 2014


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Dopamine reward cycle

The RSSB guru is a fraud who has accumulated immense wealth in India in the form of lands. The latest is that he is gobbling up a whole school in Delhi and throwing the staff out of job as well as students out of school.

I really doubt if Mr.Gurinder Singh a.k.a Babaji has ever asked his followers to consider him God. Hasn't he always said that he is merely a servant of God? I guess it depends on how each of us would like to see it. Everyone has a perception of their own. Not everyone is educated enough or practical enough for that matter to understand what their master is trying to convey.

The upbringing of a person in many rural parts of India plays a very crucial role in their perceiving of their master as God. Haven't the spiritual leaders of RSSB always mentioned that every human is equally a part of the divine? The experience or the time spent for the spiritual growth is different.

Babaji may have never mentioned directly that he has reached the highest level of spirituality through meditation. He never talks about it. May be he hasn't yet. May be he's still on his path.

He was simply given a responsibility to share something blissful probably with his fellow human-beings by his Guru. He couldn't deny it enough. Isn't he just doing his job?

Probably the satsangis in the same Alaskan Airlines flight as Babaji were simply excited to see him as any person would when one sees their beloved after a long time.

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