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January 15, 2014


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Nope, science is different from philosophy - the distinction being that science is based in evidence. In effect, therefore science is limited by what we know.

Philosophy is based in speculation - like mathematics, a branch of philosophy, may even be based on logic, but just because something is logical does not mean it is necessary real.

Science is limited by the evidence and that is why it is the knowledge which is most accurate or that we can be most sure of, yet still it is fallible and constantly being refined and overturned.

Analytical Philosophy based on logic its also limited to only logical possibilities

continental philosophy is pretty much a free for all sett of beliefs not dissimilar to religion - pure speculation, completely unlimited and often completely wrong

It seems the more unlimited the method used to try understand reality, the more inaccurate but conversely its also true that done of sciences greatest theories have started as precisely that, an unsupported hypothesis which goes completely against the conventional wisdom only later to become a scientific theory when the evidence arrives to back it up.


check this out.

it's called
"The Signs of God's Existence"
a scientific look at the issue

Nice try, "The Scientist". Most readers of this blog will listen to the first 2 minutes of that video and shut it off.

Then, life will go on - as it always has.

Hi TheScientist. I checked out (some of)‘The Signs of God’s Existence’. It seems to be another re-hash of much of the arguments supporting a God designer - together with accusing science (or whoever) of secularisation of the world through propaganda and programming.

A few points: - It (the intelligent design video) talked of the theory of evolution as a way of denying God. Evolution by natural selection has just provided the evidence that plants and creatures evolved over millions of years – which is not denying God but just presents the facts. If it does not fit in with religious scriptures that is not the fault or intention of the theory.

The Cambrian explosion is instanced as some sort of proof that no life existed before that period insinuating that God created all life then. The evidence show that there were primitive worms, molluscs, jelly fish and sponges emerging many millions of years before that in the Ediacaran Period where many soft bodied fossils have been found.

The question is I feel, “why do faith-based believers in religious scriptures get so defensive and angry to the point of denying facts”? I can only deduce that they have such huge psychological, emotional and cultural investments in their various beliefs they have become part of their identity of ‘who they are’ and to suggest anything that threatens their beliefs in effect threatens the very ‘self structure’ that their lives are based on.

"Philosophy done well is science. Philosophy done poorly is .... well ... philosophy."

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