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January 02, 2014


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You are not your brain. The brain that is said to be yours is a brain pretending to be the person who has said brain, when actually, you are a fictitious character the brain is recreating constantly.

Oh my God !!!!!

I am my brain. I am my brain.

Hey, Brian, can't you dish out
reality a little less candidly ?

You can't just come out and tell
people the truth.

Stop it !!!!!

Relax, Mike. Nothing to get upset about. You are not your brain. "You" are an illusion created by the brain that is said to be "yours". Feel better?

Oh, that's great cc.

Now I am an illusion created by a slab of beef.

Now I feel much better.

Such a bright future ahead of me.

I am sure a hamburger feels the same way.

See how self-effacing the brain is...equating itself with ground beef. Such humility!

Leave objects such as brains to look after themselves and recognize the absence of their subject as an object. Brain? Who has one? Who is the who that has one? Who is the who who knows the who who has a brain?...and so on.

Who thinks he has a brain?

Who thinks he has anything?

It must be another self.

Who is that other self?


Yes, but who is who?

Just who, who else could it be?

'Who' can only be yet another self.

Well then, there must be another self to know that one!

But that can go on forever.

It is known as a perpetual regression and is an absurdity, logically a definition of something that is impossible...an endless series of selves, the existence of the last quite as impossible as the existence of the first.

Well you are all some much more than me. I'm not even a brain. Still just a speck of star dust waiting To Be Born.!

"The essence of the independent mind is not in what it thinks, but how it thinks."
~ Hitchens


Hi Mike thanks for another piece of the puzzle. Read the link. O Those Banks! Then went a little deeper into the "forest" Went to Chris Hitchens blog saw :This be the Verse: by Phil Larkin its the poem I gave to my daughter on my 70th when I got this lap top. I was saying sorry to her for all my F..ups. There was also "The Daffodils" by Wordsworth. Its the first poem I learnt at age 8. I'm beginning to understand how this Something Else works, Thanks for the crumb Hansel. Jeers from Gretal.

No, not at all. You are you, the mind is overlaid on top of your consciousness (causal body), feelings are on top of that (astral body) and the physical body is on top of that. It's a 3 body prison we're all stuck in. Meditation is just remembering how all this mad shit hangs together.

For your reading pleasure New York Times article about mapping the brain.
Only problem is they can only find so much in the brain. They can't find mental illness or mental health. Not so far anyway.

To all those who may want a different perspective to the one that states we are just a glorfied piece of meat, I've posted an alternative viewpoint on the radhasoamistudies forum:


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