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January 31, 2014


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Knowing that what I'm calling "freedom" is just choice doesn't make me feel any less "free" because freedom is always relative, i.e., freedom from this or that. If I can be free of nonsense, religious hokum, superstition, and wishful thinking, that's freedom enough.

Social psychologists studying attribution have found that people tend to attribute personal responsibility for negative behaviour onto others and blame circumstances for themselves. Similarly, they credit their own skills and abilities for some clearly random successes and even successes that were clearly advantaged. This research explains how society accepts such huge wealth disparities.

In a straight line
In a zig-zag pattern
Towards the river -

I don't think so

He is destinated to follow the line.

We all follow a destinated line
which will end in an explosion of Love,the only stuff the Deity is interested in

Some are done in a second

another during 17 big bangs

It's a scheme

We can say a dirty scheme whatever the end . . .

but the Deity is just doing herself
so there is no place for complaints

Free Will is a gift to the atheists
if not they would go crazy

and bennet is right
Try the Love aspect ASAP
is practical



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