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December 14, 2013


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I heard that Gurindher Singh has throat cancer. Any recent developments? Is he going for surgery?

Sounds like my kind of meditation, simple and natural. I do meditate every morning - and also at other times when I remember. Yes, not to be in a state of expectation, to just be with whatever arises is well - experiencing life I guess.

And as for looking on life as a problem, again, life is just what is happening. It may only require a less 'self orientated' viewpoint to get out of the 'life's a problem' trap.

And as for looking on life as a problem, again, life is just what is happening. It may only require a less 'self orientated' viewpoint to get out of the 'life's a problem' trap.

Yes, the need to be "less self-orientated" is undeniable, but if I believe I can be selfless, I meditate and accumulate nutty notions, endeavoring to rid myself of the ego, as if the ego and I were not one and the same.

We can't help but be self-orientated, so the question is whether I find anything real more interesting and compelling than me, or whether I believe I can be so enlightened as to be above it all.

Yes cc, the ego is obviously a vital aspect of the mind where the concept of self emerges - all necessary and unavoidable functions I agree.

I know some do meditate for the reasons you give. We are naturally self-oriented but I don't think it is a question of finding "anything 'real' more interesting and compelling than me".

Meditation is (or perhaps should be) simply being attentive and it is interesting to notice how inattentive we can be - which is how fanciful notions of enlightenment and as you say, "being above it all" arise.

Interestingly, lack of attention to the information our brains absorb is perhaps where beliefs and concepts are allowed to fester.

Being less self-oriented is simply not seeing everything in terms of 'me'. Seeing the mountain is to see it in its own right - which means noticing when I am investing it with my own beliefs and opinions.

Sweet , gentle & lovingly

A point about the length :

In sexual arousements
people need a certain duration
to 'suddenly' come to an orgasm

That time may well be over 2 hours
of stimulation

It's clearly stated by so many mystics
that all chakras are aroused by repetition

But when the Crown Chakra opens
this is not for 15 seconds ejaculation
neither is it "gentle"
it's a thousand typhoons as a start

I think women are better placed
to compare

place yourself and go on a creaky Wicker Chair with straight vertebrae
and nothing which is comfortable

next avoid any creaks - noise


You are a bit late. Read the following posts and the comments posted therein for detailed information on Gurinder Singh's throat cancer:



"It's clearly stated by so many mystics
that all chakras are aroused by repetition"

---This is a powerful piece of information. Now, living in Las Vegas, a sex friendly city, those many mystics sure are important persons to have around.

But, but how do I avoid any creaks - noise?

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