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December 18, 2013


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Your uncritical acceptance of simplistic 'liberalisms' strike me as being a continuation of a religious mindset, but instead of applying them to a deity you apply them to politics and a predefined set of social topics of the day as handed down by the real gods- those who shape mass consciousness through media.

My guess is that TIME chose the Pope as Person of the Year because the magazine's biggest buyers of advertising space didn't want to be associated with the obvious choice, Edward Snowden.

Agreed about the Church.

Jesse, wow. So you believe equal rights for women and gays are part of a "religious mind set"?

Guess you don't know much about what is happening in secular democratic societies.

There is nothing supernatural or faith-based in coming to a conclusion that people who are "born that way" should have equal rights with people born another way.

Or, even if in some cases (not sure at all about this) homosexuality is a freely willed choice, that choice shouldn't be treated by society in the same way as we treat people who choose to be heterosexual (again, assuming this ever happens or is possible).

You might want to educate yourself about how nature determines whether a baby is born male or female, and the current research regarding how a person's sexual orientation is determined.

If you had a neighbor who openly condemned homosexuals, saw women as second class citizens, thought it better for the poor to suffer and die with AIDS rather than use condoms, refuses to condemn rapists and pedophiles, claims that he often eats human flesh and drinks human blood, uses guilt and threat of punishment to control people and take their money, do you think you could ever say about this neighbor: "My neighbor is cool, but his house still leaves me cold"?

"If it's in the name of god it has a social license. Well 'fuck that' is what I say." Christopher Hitchens

D new pope seems like a great guy..though I do not know too much about christainity since I have been born and broughtup in delhi and a shiv follower myself he seems to be open minded and a down to earth person..congrats to d church!!

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