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December 16, 2013


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Sorry about my English, I'm not a native speaker. I'm just "native" to this theme, and would like to add a few thoughts that just occurred to me after reading the mission of the Mind and Life Institute (MA, USA). I'm into Buddhism, as I've read and practiced extensively to be able to feel and understand better my own existence and my place in Existence, and found out that these folks who practice and study Buddhism have come closer to the real stuff. Coming closer to the real stuff is no prerogative of Buddhism, but my feeling is that these guys have done most of the hard work in that direction. They enlighten me and add to my natural enquiries. However, there are a few things that make me keep some safe distance from deeper involvement, and make me enjoy sites such as this one, with no religious allegiance: I don't want to train to become a better person. That's very Tibetan, I believe. They believe in training. I know that training works, I know that we are constantly "trained" into consumer society, for example, most of the time, without any conscious knowledge. I know that another kind of training may be healthy to show alternatives to rooted social and individual problems. But I can't accept training as a conscious means to become something else, not even better. After all, what is "better"? For whom? When? All I need is to have a greater perception and understanding of life and myself in life, with all its complexities and paradoxes, and to see how it's just one side of the coin, as opposed to another which roots us all together. I see friendliness and competitiveness, and we all know that they go together, they arise together in existence. And we can't train to be what matters most: to have discernment, wisdom. This applies to context, and we all live in context, all the time. The only way to train to be wiser may be to enquire and enquire further to get to know what there is and what we are – an unending job which just requires living. So I'm against training to be better. Let all inner and outer forces live and lead us to where we need to go. I don't want to be a conscious agent for any particular force. I just want to see life as it is. In that sense, I'm very close to Zen Buddhism in thought, although I want to be far away from their monastic training!

"Let all inner and outer forces live and lead us to where we need to go."

---Today, I need to go over to the Mirage and observe the dolphins play. An outer force is directing to such.

On the other hand, a damn inner force is directing me to Planet Hollywood casino resort. There are many really hot babes at the Planet......

So,would these forces please leave me alone!!!!

On the other hand, a damn inner force is directing me to Planet Hollywood casino resort. There are many really hot babes at the Planet......
….The inner force is the Divine Force which always takes one in the right direction.
“Viva el Vino y las Mujeres, por algo son regalo del Señor”.

Centripetal is more helpful
than centrifugal
and we go where our heart already is.


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